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Unforgettable Workshop Facilitation 


 Create Profitable & Transformational Workshops and Provide Coaching
for Personal Development Using
 the Power & Wisdom of Dance & Nature
So You can Prosper Supporting the Personal & Cultural Change needed in the World!  

For Dancers, Women's Circle Leaders, Coaches, 
Healers & Movement Instructors 

Wisdom thru


'Business Vision Clarity'Session 

  • Clarify your Business Vision & Pathway to Prosperity 

  • Receive Creative Power Starter Kit Supporting You to Bring Your Vision into Reality!

Are you ready to Prosper on a New Level Sharing Your Unique Gifts and Wisdom Tapping into the Power of Dance & Nature's Wisdom for Personal Transformation?

Are you answering a calling upon your heart to...

Re-Connect with
Divine Universe

 Guide Others to Consciously Co-Create with Divinity

Sustainable, Soulful & Heart-Centered Living

Help Foster Cultural Values  for the Highest Good

Re-Claim the Temple:
Embody Natural Rhythms

Restore Individual Sovereignty & Balance

Welcome, Feminine Leader Rising!

If you are ready to share your medicine & wisdom in a way that Re-Connects Humanity to the Divinity in All Creation, Activates the Body as a Temple, Harnesses the Power of Sacred Dance, Cultivates Sustainable, Heart-Centered, and Soulful Living on the Planet then you are in the right place!

What I know is that women have deep and powerful medicine they have developed through their darkest journeys in life and the world is ready for us to bring it forth.

You may be i
nspired to create workshops that create real change for your participants and the world but are needing a little support to help clarify your vision, the resources you need to succeed, and your unique service/business path. 


 Angela Roberts  

Discover if Unforgettable Workshop Facilitation or Sacred Conscious Dance are for you!

Are you...

  • A Divine Feminine Leader Rising, a Holistic Practioner or Healer, Women's Circle Leader, or Coach who loves dance and would love to incorporate it into your workshop business?

  • Ready to expand your income substantially as a movement instructor (Dance/Yoga /Other) and prosper beyond the limitations of group movement classes, step into your next level of leadership and community contribution offering more profitable programs.

  • Confused on how to prosper offering workshops or how to create a workshop series that attracts and engages your ideal participants?

  • An existing workshop leader who is getting exhausted designing and preparing your workshops and losing essential time you need to spend on marketing?

  • Passionate to help cultivate sustainable living and manifest a heart-centered, consciously co-creative world honoring feminine-masculine equality, Nature, and humanity?

  • Concerned with implementing a successful workshop, having a flow that will engage participants?

  • Inspired to create workshops that than create real change for your participants and the world?

  • An Earth Warrior or Change Maker ready to foster cultural change by reconnecting others with their Divine Purpose & their Co-Creative Relationship with Nature?

If you said YES to any of these,let's chat!

 Learn more about how you can make a difference with greater ease using... 

🌎  Step by step, done-for-you, pretested workshop templates ​with effective and engaging structure and facilitation tools/resources

🌀  Supportive content from the wisdom of nature that aligns with any topic

🔥  Indigenous wisdom and ancient practices that foster a better world

🌊 Guides to Create Sacred Space & Deep connection required for great results 

🦋  Exercises that accelerate learning & create opportunities for transformation

💃  Conscious dance and other powerful embodiment and accelerated learning processes to ensure more profound clients results

🙏 The Gifts of Spirit that lead to our heart's fulfillment

👩‍💼  Clear business growth guidance and resources for success!

Apply for a Complimentary 1 on 1 

'Workshop Vision Clarity'Session 

  • Clarify your Workshop Leader Pathway to Prosperity

  • Learn how you can increase enrollment, catalyze transformation, accelerate learning, deepen community connection, and keep clients coming back for more!

  • Discover if Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop Facilitation Resources can support you to bring your vision into reality!

Your session will be with, Angela Roberts,  Unforgettable Workshop Mentor, Conscious Dance Embodiment & Transformational Workshop Facilitator Trainer, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur.   

Angela supports women entrepreneurs providing great facilitator training, workshop structure and content, and business growth resources utilizing over 30 years experience using the transformative power of dance and embodiment experiences;15 years in workshop and event production; 5 years using Nature's Wisdom to uplift workshop leaders and help them support their clients with greater ease; and 18 years helping heart-centered entrepreneurs (coaches/healers/holistic practitioners) prosper bringing their business visions successfully into the world!

Water Realm

Diving Deep

Whale's Calling

Nurturing Love

Wisdom thru


Unforgettable Workshops
& Facilitation

 With   ...   Angela Roberts  

Unforgettable Workshop Mentor,
Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop
Facilitator Trainer 


Discover How Powerful Embodiment Experiences & the Wisdom of Nature
 Accelerate Learning, Amplify Results, Support Your Clients Allowing You Time to Restore,
 Increase Enrollment & Uplift You to Lead with More Confidence & Grace!

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