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 Prosper Supporting the Personal & Cultural Change needed in the World!  

For Dancers, Workshop & Women's Circle Leaders, Coaches, Healers & Yoga Instructors 

What Medicine are You Ready to Share?

Welcome, Feminine Leader Rising!

If you are ready to share your medicine & wisdom in a way that Re-Connects Humanity to the Divinity in All Creation, Activates the Body as a Temple, Harnesses the Power of Sacred Dance, Cultivates Sustainable, Heart-Centered, and Soulful Living on the Planet then you are in the right place!

What I know is that women have deep and powerful medicine they have developed through their darkest journeys in life and the world is ready for us to bring it forth.

You may be i
nspired to create workshops and offer coaching that create real change for your participants and the world but are needing a little support to help clarify your vision, the resources you need to succeed, and your unique service/business path. 


Are you answering a calling upon your heart to...

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Re-Connect with
Divine Universe

 Guide Others to Consciously Co-Create with Divinity


Sustainable, Soulful & Heart-Centered Living

Help Foster Cultural Values  for the Highest Good


Re-Claim the Temple:
Embody Natural Rhythms

Restore Individual Sovereignty & Balance

Discover Your Next Steps to Bring Your Wisdom Forth!

Get Started today with a Complimentary 1 on 1 

  • Clarify your next steps to bring forth your confident, unforgettable leadership expression to stand out and be recognized by your ideal clients more easily!

  • Learn how you can more easily provide powerful experiences and supportive program content to increase enrollment, catalyze transformation, accelerate learning, deepen community connection, and keep clients coming back for more!

  • Discover if Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop Facilitation Resources can support you to bring your prosperous and heart-centered vision into reality with more ease, grace, and playfulness!

'Transformational Facilitator Pathway' 
Discovery Session 

Are you...

  • Ready to expand your income substantially as a movement instructor (Dance/Yoga) or a Women's Circle Leader?

  • Inspired to prosper beyond the limitations of group movement classes or small fee gatherings, step into your next level of leadership and community contribution offering more transformative and profitable programs?

  • Passionate to help cultivate sustainable living and manifest a heart-centered, consciously co-creative world honoring feminine-masculine equality, Nature, and humanity?

  • Concerned with implementing a successful workshop, having a flow that will engage participants?

Discover if Profitable & Transformational Workshops utilizing Powerful Experiences like Conscious Dance/Embodiment Exercises are for you!

 Learn more about how you can make a difference with greater ease using... 

🌎  Step by step, done-for-you, pretested workshop templates ​with effective and engaging structure and facilitation tools/resources

🌀  Supportive content from the wisdom of nature that aligns with any topic

🔥  Indigenous wisdom and ancient practices that foster a better world

🌊 Guides to Create Sacred Space & Deep connection required for great results 

🦋  Exercises that accelerate learning & create opportunities for transformation

💃  Conscious dance and other powerful embodiment and accelerated learning processes to ensure more profound clients results

🙏 The Gifts of Spirit that lead to our heart's fulfillment

👩‍💼  Clear business growth guidance and resources for success!

Get Started today with a Complimentary 1 on 1 

  • Clarify your next steps to bring forth your confident, unforgettable leadership expression to stand out and be recognized by your ideal clients more easily!

  • Learn how you can more easily provide powerful experiences and supportive program content to increase enrollment, catalyze transformation, accelerate learning, deepen community connection, and keep clients coming back for more!

  • Discover if Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop Facilitation Resources can support you to bring your vision into reality with more ease, grace, and playfulness!

I'm Angela Roberts,  Natural Rhythms™ Life Creation Coach & Conscious Dance Traine & Workshop Facilitator, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur.  I'm passionate about Helping Workshop & Women's Circle Leaders, Coaches, Healers & Movement Instructors Prosper as they Catalyze the Personal Transformation and Cultural Change needed in the World!  

I'm excited to support you with great training and business growth resources utilizing over 30 years experience and extensive education in dance, ancient traditions, and world cultures;15 years in workshop and event production; and 18 years helping heart-centered entrepreneurs (coaches/healers/holistic practitioners) prosper bringing their business visions successfully into the world!

'Transformational Facilitator Pathway' 
Discovery Session 

As a deep feeling woman what I've discovered is that our heightened senses give us a potent connection to Spirit that can guide us to exactly what we need to discover and learn in order to experience the Liberation, Joy, Connection, and Ease that we desire! And that makes you a fantastic coach, mentor, workshop or women's circle leader, or guide to support others in doing the same and bringing forth significant compassion, power and change to the world. 

I suffered over 24 years with painful challenges related to being a deep feeler. The overwhelming and often destructive emotions I had impacted my life dramatically. They held me back, stifled my personal power, and left me feeling victimized and alone.  I had to reach out for help many times and Spirit was the one that provided Grace and Guided me to the Divine Pathways and support I needed. What I can offer you is the kind of support and compassion that will honor your true nature, reconnect you to your creative capacity and all that is in creation to support and uplift you, allowing you to stay on the path of service with greater ease and prosperity!

You may have noticed that I call upon the power and
wisdom of the Divine expressed in Nature as my core source
of support and it is at the heart of all the training,
resources, and services I offer to rising leaders. 

Nature's Divine Guidance has led me to the pathways
of liberation and empowerment, helping me heal and 
harvest the gifts of the darker parts of my journey...


  • traumatic experiences (molestation, rape, and harassment)

  • racial and religious discrimination and separation

  • disrespect and mistreatment by employers

  • repetitive failures, self-loathing, and self-criticism

  • repetitive, vicious, and destructive stress patterns at work
    that created great results for employers but not for me

  • unconscious self-deception, limiting beliefs and cultural standards that left me feeling worthless, with limited options for achieving my hearts desires

One of the most powerful pathways came through my intimate lifelong affair with dance that began at age five with my feet in the soil at powwows as my family lived on the reservation land with the Ute Indians in Utah. We lived in religious exile as unacceptable Catholics in a Mormon community and shared the pain of separation and negation with our tribal brothers and sisters who had lost their sovereignty. There I learned to connect with Spirit pulsing through creation and discovered it's healing power as I honored indigenous traditions and lived sustain-ably off the land on our family ranch.

As a professional dancer, I learned to harness my personal power through movement. I discovered the truth, surrendered to the spirit of divinity flowing through to be a vessel that may deliver messages to others, how to access the wisdom within of my ancestors, release life's most unbearable pain, get out of the mind, and embody the energy of what I desired to bring into reality.  I became conscious of my Personal Creative Power and how we co-create our lives and manifest desires with Spirit (the living energy in all that is.) 


I amplified my understanding and skills to support others to be conscious creators and release their distress thru a huge variety of healing modalities, expressive arts, personal empowerment courses, and leadership training over the past 24 years. I chose to become certified as a Natural Rhythms Life Creation Coach & Dance Facilitator and a Visionary Council Member of the Natural Rhythms Feminine Leadership Revolution as it aligns deeply with my purpose, is rooted in indigenous wisdom, and provides the liberating path of the priestess to assist women in reclaiming their sovereign power and place in the creation of a more loving reality on the planet. 

What I have discovered is that these difficult and stressful challenges we face ask us Who We Are and invite us to discover the point of our existence, to claim our power, and choose who we will be and what will come of it all! It is difficult to pass thru these times alone and we aren't meant to. That's why our bodies release 'feel good' hormones when we're stressed out and receive a compassionate hug!


We are all learning and growing and I'm honored to be alive in this time in the presence of others women rising on the earth for the good of all. I am blessed by those I support as they are by me, we're in it together!

What I know is that there is Wisdom that comes thru the Wild times and it can guide and lead us to Flourish with greater ease, connection, joy, and abundance!

What I know is that you have some powerful medicine, lots of wisdom and love to share if you found your way here. If you are looking for a community and guide to support you to bring your gifts to the world I invite you to set a complimentary time with me to explore your vision or flush out a workshop business plan. Let's see if we are meant to go on the journey together. 





My medicine and support manifest as my Wisdom thru the Wild & Beyond™ Classes, Workshops & Events, and I can't wait to hear about all the ways you desire to bring your gifts to the world also!


I've found pathways to Heal my Pain, Love the Way I am, and Harness the Power of this Deep Feeling Nature to be able to Live Fully in my Unique, Authentic Way.  To become, a Divinely Empowered Woman, aka 'Sweet Fire of Grace', who knows that being who I really am is a blessing to this world and that I make a Positive Difference. I know you have found some amazing pathways to share with others!


I believe, you are also a blessing and may love to teach others how to reclaim their sovereign power to create, manifest, and experience more of what they truly desire in life! To navigate the hard times with greater ease and guide people back into an intimate relationship with creation as a divine expression.

I look forward to connecting!

It is time for us to lead change as the world desperately needs us! 

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believe in Economic Sovereignty for Women and I am here to support you to prosper sharing your expertise and gifts to help manifest a more loving world. I know that divine energy and all of creation is here to uplift us and provide us with resources to fulfill our soul's purpose and that deep calling in your heart! 

I am passionate to connect you with the Ancient Wisdom frameworks, content, and teach tools that harmonize with your gifts, make it easier to teach workshops, and to engage your participants entire being (body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit) to ensure accelerated learning, and deep embodiment to create personal transformation and cultural change needed on the planet.  

To inspire more women to join the Feminine Leadership Revolution to help guide humanity back to the nurturing and sustainable Natural Rhythms of life, to harmonize 'the creational dance of our lives to the pulse of the universe' through Sacred Dance and the Wisdom of Nature and the Wildest times of our Journey.