for Feminine Leaders Rising ~ Healers, Practitioners, Workshop Leaders, & Coaches 
Passionate to Manifest Personal & Cultural Change.


Activate Your Leadership

Discover What's Needed to Fortify Your Strength in 2020 to Rise as a Feminine Leader  & Answer the Calling!


Join your host, Angela Roberts, for this Masterclass to

 Experience a Powerful Embodiment Exercise that Allows us to Harness 
& Re-Direct our Personal Power in a Way that Creates More Ease & Success! 

In this 90 minute masterclass you will ...

  • Have an Opportunity to Shift out Feeling Overwhelmed, Impacted by Chaotic Energy, the Intensity of New Year Expectations!

  • Come Back into the Spacious Peace of Being in Harmony with the Natural Rhythms and Cycles of Growth , Allowing the Energy of the Universe to Support You!

  • Discover What's Needed to Fortify Your Strength in 2020 to Rise as a Feminine Leader & Answer the Next Steps in the Calling! The Moon and Sun in Capricorn during the Moon's Waning Crescent Phase is also supporting us energetically in our experience to clarify what structures and resources will help us bring our visions into reality. 

  • Experience My Impactful Embodiment Exercise that Assists Leaders and Our Clients to Reclaim our Power and So Much More!
    I use this before I go on stage or when I need to recognize what's exhausting me & eating up my resources. This practice helps me to harness my personal power on a new level to let go and redirect so I can ease-fully take the next steps in my journey!

Access the Class & Workbook inside the 
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- Discover if We are Unconsciously in a Dis-empowered State

- Reclaim and Redirect Your Power to Move through the Next steps on Your Path

- Recognize What Structures You are Feeding that Need to be Dismantled

- Discover What Will Help you Dismantle and Redirect Your Energy to Feel Empowered


  • I'll Reveal My Secret Key to Recognize What Motivates the Way Your Participants Spend their Money and Use their Resources so You can Help them See the Way they Can Redirect them to Manifest their Desired State by Working with You!

Activate Your Leadership


Feel Supported & In the Flow as You Prepare Resources & Structures to Your 2020 Plans into Reality!

Harness the Power of this Sacred Timing & Allow the Universe to Support You to Succeed!

Harness the Power of Sacred Co-Creative Dance with the Universe!
Allow the Universe to Support You to Succeed!