Calm in the Storm:
Shifting from Stress to Ease!

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Phil Caylor, LAc

Break Free of Stress Exhaustion & Reaction Patterns,
Renew Your Vitality and Joyful, Empowered True Self.
Move through Life with Greater Ease and Resiliency as
you pursue your Heart's Desires! 


  • Find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, and struggling to thrive without feeling immense inner distress and/or exhaustion getting there! 

  • Are not reaching your most passionate goals or making enough money to support your personal growth so you can expand into your best self!


  • Experience stressful repetitive experiences, overwhelming feelings, or related physical pain. Spending time and money to get relief but the issues return again and again.

    - Suffering with anxiety, insomnia, stomach issues, headaches/backaches, 
      difficulty focusing, and exhaustion.


  • Are hiding your negative feelings, trying to figure it out alone, hoping to find a way out of this stress pattern before anyone discovers your flaws or sees what you fear are emotional weaknesses. 

  • Don't reach out to others for support because you fear or know you’ll be judged, misunderstood, be seen as drama queen/king or burden to others.


  • Notice that your intense emotions distract you and influence you to make choices that keep you from what you really want to have or experience.  

  • Find that your feelings bring out aspects of your personality that are making things harder; like your tender self that gets down and offended easily or your rebellious, wild side, that is passionately expressive or judgmental when you're mistreated at work or in the world!

    You're in the Right place if you...

  •    End the Overwhelm and Burn-out of Exhausting Stress Patterns?

  • Dissolve Negative Feelings and Stress-Related Physical Pain?

  • Restore Your Energy, Faith, and Inspiration?

  • Re-claim Your Confident, Capable, and Joyous True Self?

  • Discover How this Distress has an Incredible Message or Gift for you;

    one that will lead you to what you really desire instead?

  • Start experiencing life in a new, more desirable way?

  • Break free of the Stress Patterns and become Calm in the Storms of 
    life so you don't have to compromise your health to succeed?

Experience pathways to freedom & discover  

what most powerfully supports you to live with ease in the upcoming course...

  I know what it’s like, I’ve been there 

 stuck in a vicious pattern of inner distress & exhaustion that 

 I couldn’t find a way to escape! - Angela 

My distress was stealing my joy and vitality, keeping me from
connecting playfully and authentically with others, and
causing me to miss opportunities for greater prosperity.


But I finally found a way out and I'm dedicated to sharing it
with others because it's that incredible!!!

Are you ready to...


Shift from Stress to Ease!


Flourish with Greater
Ease, Joy, and Vitality!

Living from the Heart



Break Free of Stress Exhaustion & Reaction Patterns,
Renew Your Vitality and Joyful, Empowered True Self.
Move through Life with Greater Ease and Resiliency as
you pursue your Heart's Desires! 

PROGRAM INCLUDES:                  

This 9 Module course provides 38 hours of support over 6 months assisting you to…

Clear chronic stress patterns, establish emotional balance, and a new resiliency to face challenges without compromising your health or passions. You will sleep better, have stronger health, feel positive emotions, enthusiasm about life, motivation, and inspiration.

 Get Started with...

  • Health and Stress Assessments for Optimal Wellness & Living

Discover how hidden or known health challenges may be triggering your stress responses (exhaustion, foggy thinking, emotional imbalances, etc.) and how your stress responses may be contributing to organ dysfunction and other health challenges.

Assessment Results Reveal:
The priority areas that you must focus on immediately to avoid more threatening health conditions, begin reducing symptoms that are compromising your daily function, and begin to sleep better, have more energy, and feel emotionally balanced.

This assessment reveals organ distress, metal and other toxicity, pathogens, mental/emotional stress levels, and food sensitivities that cause dysfunction in the body.


- Review of Results and a Custom Plan to Restore Your Optimal Wellness

Receive a Private session with Holistic Practitioner, Phil Caylor, Lac to have your results reviewed, address your current health needs, and provide you with a Customized Plan of action to restore your optimal wellness so you can thrive in your life more ease, joy, energy, and resilience.




  • Discover where how you are giving your creative power away and take it back so you can be more in control to create more of what you truly want to experience in life. 

  • Explore what you really want to experience and create in your life so you can start focusing energy there. Making the courageous shifts that will change your reality.

  • Use your creative power to become the Calm in the Storm in challenging situations so you can be resilient, resourceful, creative, and fully engaged in the situation. 
    - Learn to embody this more deeply each day moving forward.

  • We will revisit what the desires that emerged in your VIP Day , what you really want to experience and create in your life, so you can start focusing energy there to start bringing it into reality.

  • Use your creative power to become the Calm in the Storm in challenging situations so you can be resilient, resourceful, creative, and fully engaged in the situation. 
    - Learn to embody this more deeply each day moving forward. 
    - Be more at peace with what you don’t have control over.

Bonus: The Personal Power Survey with Angela Roberts


To make shifts in our life, we need to be clear about where we are now. This survey will help you become more aware of how your use of Personal Power in each of the 5 realms (mental, physical, emotional, action/energy, and spiritual) is contributing to your experience of distress or ease!

  • During this course, you will become more empowered and uplifted in all realms and especially in the areas that contribute to your distress.   

Most participants use their Flourish with Ease© Support Sessions with Angela here.

Receive two 40-minute 1 on 1 sessions to uplift you in the realms you need support with.



  • Revisit any remaining content from Module 6 and begin establishing a clear plan for shifting things in your life to step into what you truly desire. 

  • Start taking the steps that will bring this vision into reality with the support of your Life Creation & Sustainable Living Coach, Angela Roberts. 


Module 8 (Week 10): Q & A   

  • We'll address any remaining questions you have or aspects of the program you want to revisit and celebrate the completion of this course as a group.

   Support & Resources Included:

  • Virtual Class Recordings (MP4) that you can revisit whenever you need to.

  • 8 - Get Into Action Support Calls with Angela Roberts, twice a month for the following 3 months to assist you in cultivating long-term shifts that ensure Resilience and allow you to experience being Calm in the Storm. 

  • 4 - I on I Private Sessions (40 minutes each) to support you during the program.


    - Two Flourish with Ease© Support Sessions with Angela Roberts,

      Natural Rhythms© Stress Relief & Life Creation Coach

    Two Optimal Health Sessions with Holistic Practitioner, Phil Caylor, LAc 
      Receive the custom 1 on 1 support you need to address the health conditions you
      are experiencing. 



  • In-Depth Course Workbook  (pdf) with empowering exercises and room for tracking your experiences and transformation.

  • Supportive & Inspiring Prompts and Tools SMS/text prompts to guide you with ease into new rituals/patterns that support a more ease filled life. Mini recordings and videos that help you shift back into ease throughout the day. 

  • Private Facebook Group

    A supportive community space for participants to use to positively engage with us and one another. A place to share questions, insights, challenges, and celebrations!  


  • 9 Group Classes (attend in person or virtually)

1.5 hours each

- Live classes are held weekly in Santa Cruz, Ca.
- You can participate at an alternate time by using the virtual video recordings of modules.


One class is delivered each week so that you can easily integrate learning into your daily life during the week.

Getting Started Virtual Group Webinar


  • Review of the program, resources, and support tools.

  • Meet others in the program, establish a safe and trusting environment.

  • Q & A



  • - Learn an empowering way to perceive the stress that liberates you from depressing self-criticism, judgment, and disappointment about being stressed.


  • - Understand how the Optimal Function of your Brain and Body are being Hyjacked by a part of the brain called the Amygdala. 


  • - Experience and learn a technique to immediately begin shifting out of the exhausting emotional state of Amygdala Hijack stress response. 

(Group Class is accompanied by a Powerful 1 on 1 Private Session with an In-depth Experience of the Living from the Heart Process for Stress Liberation). 

  • - Move into a more restful, calm, and restorative state that allows you to sleep, think clearly, feel more emotionally balanced.

  • - Integrate this powerful practice into your daily life so you can begin moving through each day with more peace, energy, and confidence.


Module 2 (Week 2):  THE TRUTH SETS YOU FREE


  • - Discover what is truly triggering the amygdala stress responses so they can be addressed.

  • - Map how stress responses are showing up in your mind, body, actions, emotions, and spirit so you can begin restoring yourself more deeply knowing what to focus on.

  • - Learn the Powerful Purpose of your stress responses, how it leads you to what you desire most, and how to harness that power to experience more of what you truly desire in life. 

  • - Begin moving through your day with more optimism as you step by step break free from the grip of unexpected emotional reactions and find yourself more calm.



  1.  - We'll dive deeply into all the resources you have available to you that will relax the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

  2. - With relaxation, your body will begin restoring on a deep cellular level as you allow support and discover what you respond best to.  

  3. - Your energy will begin to increase, your emotions will be more stable, anxiety will diminish, and your optimism about life will begin to emerge as your body moves into more
    optimal function.

    - You will start establishing nurturing self-care rituals that will help you thrive and feel good!

  4. Module 4 (Week 4): BREATHE AND STEP INTO THE CALM  


  6. - Experience powerful exercises that calm and reset the nervous system, discovering what techniques work best for you!

  7. - Harness the powerful vibration of breath, word, and the imagination to enliven the body and emotions on a cellular level to feel positive, capable, and energized.

  8. - Learn to embody and step into your most powerful expression and optimal energetic state for an uplifted daily experience.  





  3. - Experience and learn the 'Living from the Heart Process' to resolve what triggers the Amygdala Hijack so you can be liberated from the repetitive automated emotional reactions and stress responses.

  4. -Access the healing power within and learn how to restore your confidence and self-love;  feel valued, loved, connected and a sense of belonging!

  5. - Rediscover your loving, shining, joyful self and start experiencing this more consistently and expressing the compassion, understanding and
    love for others that you desire to.

    - Learn to embody this more deeply over the following two weeks. 

  6. - Discover the gifts and guidance behind your stress patterns that will allow you to fulfill more of your hearts desires. 





  3. - Step into being Calm in the Storm, begin cultivating and rooting the part of you that is resilient and able to choose a response vs. losing your power to an automated reaction.

  4. - Become a stronger source of love and compassion in the world as you develop the ability to bring the peace of being Calm in the Storm to others in stressful moments as a parent, teacher, manager, or any other leadership role.

  5. - Bring the love that you are and the healing impact of that into the world and allow it to make the positive difference it was meant to! Group exercises to explore this in action.



   Courage, Risks, & Rewards Bonus Course

Start the course with this 5 part mini-course to access your courage and risk for the rewards of shifting out of stress reaction into greater ease. We often are more comfortable in the stress pattern and our focus, self-care, and other aspects of our life will need to shift to support you to flourish and thrive, not just survive. 


In this bonus exploration you will embrace risk and discover and clear crippling habits that lead to burnout, resentment and overwhelm so you spend more time enjoying your life, reaching your goals with greater ease, and getting the respect and pay that you deserve without self-sacrifice. 


   Create A Dynamic Year for 2019 (VIP DAY EVENT)
   (Bonus for all participants who complete registration by December 28th, 2018.)

As you move out of stress reaction and all that no longer supports you to thrive, a new vision for your life and daily experiences emerge. In a group VIP day, you will...

  • Feel Into and Call Forth Your Authentic Desires - moving beyond the should's, align with your true heart's fulfillment desires so you are motivated and passionate for life.

  • Clear Away What No Longer Serves You - it's time to release the past, reclaim energy, and create from a clear canvas.

  • Activate A New Level of Life Leadership - claim your creative power to choose vs. giving your power away to others.

  • Gain Clarity on the Natural Creation Process: align with the Natural Rhythms of Life so you can thrive with greater ease and understand organic growth and manifestation.


  • Begin Drawing the Dream into Form: determine your core creation priorities so your energy isn't spread thin, map out the first quarter of the new year in alignment with creations natural rhythms of growth for a whole new experience of ease!

This day will focus on amplifying your life manifestation skills to move your dreams into form.


    Sustainable Living Support Gatherings - 3 months 

2 - 60 minute gatherings per month for a total of 8 extra support gatherings after Module 8 to help establish long term sustainable habits or address important questions, challenges, and concerns.


    Support included is normally $3800 when provided in 1 on 1 format,
    we have incredible reduced pricing in this combination format (group + personal support). 




Discover if this program is for you...
Apply for a Complimentary
1 on 1 'Time to Flourish' Session

If you've found this page chances are your ready to get some stress relief or just have things be a bit easier as you live a full life. We know what that's like and we're happy to be of support so you can start enjoying your life more!

When we go through difficult times our stress responses get activated. If we stay in that distress a long time, we even get used to it, and the first step to flourishing with greater ease is to move out of that conditioned response. It can be very challenging to do alone since we have become accustomed to it. That's what Phil and I are here for, to help you discover your unique pathway out of distress, back to a place
where you are fully enlivened and empowered again!


Just as Maya Angelou reminds us, we must find a way to
turn Struggles into Triumphs and it takes time and
the support of others!


In this session, we'll explore your current challenges and
discover what will support you to Flourish (thrive) with greater Ease. 
Maybe 'Calm in the Storm: Shift from Stress to Ease!' program
is right for you, let's find out!


Apply for this Complimentary Session...

 Let's discover if we're meant to work together: 
to find your Divine Pathway to Freedom, Restoration, and
the Creative Power to live the Life You Long for!


~ sending love & joy to you, Angela


is the compass we follow. This is about YOU living from a Joyful, Playful place more often. Really enjoying the journey to where you are going. Having a safe and sacred community you can share your challenges with and find the support you need to succeed with your Vision! 

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