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Natural Rhythms© of Life

 to Flourish with Greater Ease!



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  1. Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Deck only available as a bonus mailed in the United States.  Email me your address to support@Angela-Roberts.com.

2. Below you will find details for each module of the program. 


3. Get started in December by tuning into your Heart's Deepest Desires, start noting these desires in a journal. Then each time you find an image, word, or other visual symbol that attracts you or you feel drawn to cut it out or print it out and save it for your 2019 Vision Board Creation Collage!

4.  Choose an organizer or calendar that inspires you and includes the natural cycles of the nature (moon, seasonal cycles). Here are a few I like:


Module 1
January 13th, 2018   
10:30 am PST

Call Forth Your Authentic Creations


Clear Your Old Manifestation Matrix


Activate A New Level of Life Leadership

Your Authentic Desires
Drawing Your Vision into Form
The Manifestation Matrix
Element Creation Guidance & Support
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Module 2
January 13th, 2018   

11:30 am PST

Receive Visionary Life Guidance for 2018

Determine Your Core Creation Priorities

Begin Drawing the Formless Into Form

Module 3
January 14th, 2018   

10:30 am PST

Learn the Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix

Apply the Manifestation Matrix to Your Creations 

Uncover How to Move A Manifestation Matrix

Module 4

January 14th, 2018   
11:30 am PST

Receive Elemental Life Guidance for 2018 

Rock Your Manifestation Rhythm

Activate Elemental Creation Grace


The 6-module Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix training!

This training will help you know just how to align with each of the elements to really

move your creations into form!

Modules 1-3

Modules 4-6

In each module you’ll uncover the habits and skills to really make some dramatic progress moving your essence desires into manifest form with each element.

Module 1: Spirit ~ You’ll Uncover…
Module 2: Air ~ You’ll Uncover...
Describe your image.
Module 3: Water ~ You’ll Uncover...
Describe your image.
Module 4: Earth ~ You’ll Uncover…
Describe your image.
Module 5: Fire ~ You’ll Uncover...
Module 6: Unity ~ You’ll Uncover...
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How to...

  • Allow Your Essence to Express

  • Grow Grace & Trust in Spirit

  • Practice Your Manifestation Skills

How to...

  • Powerfully Direct the Forces of Creation

  • Utilize Invisible Potency of Air Realm (thought/perception/ethereal allies)

  • Engage Effective Mental habits

How to...

  • Stay Clear, Clean, & Current

  • Be Conscious of Relationship Mirrors

  • More Effectively Magnetize Your Desires

How to...

  • Strategize Your Manifestation Steps

  • Utilize Tracking to Get Better Results

  • Set Up Clear Systems and Procedures for Progress

How to...

  • Take Aligned Action to Manifest Your Desires

  • Step Up Your Leadership to Increase Your Creation Capacity

  • Get Rhythmic to Build Manifestation Momentum

How to...

  • How to Allow Movement Mastery Development

  • How to Listen to Manifestation “Moving” Guidance

  • How to Move in Harmony with Cosmic Rhythms

What are you Dreaming to Create?  Start following your desires!

  Overview:  You will Create a Dynamic Year 2018 by ...  

  • Creating a manifestation matrix design for 2018 to assist you to bring your dreams into form.

  • Bringing forth a visionary design and implementation strategy for your creations.

  • Receive Done-for-you planning templates to use anytime you have more planning to do.

  • Learning how to effectively and rhythmically care and feed your creations during your dynamic year (and why this is so critical).

  • Understanding why learning to work with the Natural Rhythms© of life is so important to your success!

  • Planning while being in the comfort of your own home, relaxing in your pj’s.

  • Receiving guidance from the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit) to boost your creations.

  • Respectfully calling the elements forth as your personal creation team for 2018.

  • Energizing your plan!

  • Getting support in a private Facebook group: share your creation journey and get support!

  • Receive awesome bonus gifts!

   Additional items included in Create a Dynamic Year 2018!



Wild Wisdom Sisterhood™ Facebook Group
Private place to share the challenges, successes, and get resources to support your creation journey of 2018! Hang out with us all year and get great new Wild Wisdom invitations and Free Gifts to support you!

4 Quarterly Virtual Gatherings on the Cross Quarter Points of the year
A time to check in with your plans, actions, and shift what needs shifting. Tune into Creations Divine Guidance to support you and assist you to align powerfully with the Natural process of creation so your visions come into form.  
(Dates and gathering times will be sent to you by email and posted here when those are finalized. )

Your Bonus!

Live Virtual- 2 hour Conscious Dance & Collage Event!

 Embody and align with your vision and plan for the year. 

February 3rd,  10:30 am-12:30 pm PST

Our first Cross Quarter Day Gathering to enliven with Fire and action
the Vision we hold in our hearts!

With this training you will focus ​on energizing 
leading your life manifestation skills to move your dream into form. 
It's time to get your soul's purpose out of your dreams and 

into the world where your contributions are needed, now more than ever.

 This program will make a HUGE difference in your Year!

Can't wait to Create a Dynamic Year with you!