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  • Gain insight into how conscious dance enhances transformational facilitation environments (workshops, retreats, women's circles and other gatherings)

  • Uncover how movement shifts mental and emotional states in unique ways other learning pathways do not! 

  • Discover why dance is one of the most dynamic tools you can use to help your participants and clients ignite and activate thier personal power so they can more easily succeed in the work you are doing together.

  • Help your participants clear old patterns, activate their personal intentions, accelerate and integrate learning.

  • Understand how to use Conscious Dance to Help Others Create a Thriving Life & Business! 


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How to Use Conscious Dance to Help Others Create a Thriving Life & Business!

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Facilitators ~ Create More Engaging Exercises to Accelerate Learning & Catalyzing Personal Transformation

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I'm Angela Roberts,  Natural Rhythms™ Life Creation Coach & Conscious Dance Trainer & Workshop Facilitator, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur.  I'm passionate about Helping Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs Prosper as they Catalyze the Personal Transformation and Cultural Change needed in the World!  

I'm excited to support you with great training and business growth resources utilizing over 30 years experience and extensive education in dance, ancient traditions, and world cultures;15 years in workshop and event production; and 18 years helping heart-centered entrepreneurs (coaches/healers/holistic practitioners) prosper bringing their business visions successfully into the world!