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 Physical/Earth Realm 

 Emotional/Water Realm 

 Action/Energy/Fire Realm 

 Mental/Air Realm 

 Soul/Spirit Realm 

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Discover the level of Personal Power you are using in 5 realms
(mental, physical, emotional, actional, and spiritual).

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Harvest the Gifts of your Journey thru the Wilderness of Distress;
Restore Your Vitality and Joyous True Essence; 
Harness the Power & Gifts of your Deep Feeling Nature;
and Live with more Ease,
Connection and Prosperity!

Experience more of what you Long for! 

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In the life journey sometimes we end up in very distressing places and 
it can feel like we are lost out in the Wilderness just surviving-
Unable to Create and Live the life we long for! 

First, we have to find our way out of distress and to a place
where we are fully empowered so we can Flourish!

Finding your Divine Pathway to Freedom
starts with the
Personal Power Survey + Free Gifts! 


I've been there, suffering just like you may be, trying to do it all on my own.  
This is my gift to all the women who need some Free help to get started! 
You get my support and a Safe Sisterhood to share the journey with.

It's Finally Your Turn Beautiful One... let's get started below! I can't wait to meet you!

Gift Details: 

  • Personal Power Survey™ Results displayed in a helpful visual chart.

  • 'Creative Power Guide' for the Realm that contributes the most to your distress! 

  • Free 1 on 1 'Time to Flourish' Session (50 minutes):
    Together we'll develop a Customized Guide to assist you in breaking free of Distress and Flourishing with more Ease & Joy!

  • Free Live Event Pass for ''Bring Your Desires into Reality: Creation's Divine Guidance"  

      All of Creation (All that Exists) comes into form thru a creative process that works in unity
      with the Spirit, the living energy that pulses thru everything. In this live event, you explore
      Wisdom thru the Wild & Beyond™ to discover how you can more powerfully work with
      the creative process to bring your desires into reality by learning from the creative process
      happening each moment in Creation.

  • Invitation to Join the Wild Wisdom Sisterhood™ Private Facebook Group
    Sacred and Safe Community of women who have or are traveling thru the Wilderness of Inner Distress, the Dark Night of the Soul, or Struggling or Burning out trying to fulfill their desires. They are exploring and discovering pathways to the Freedom they desire, to Reclaim their power, joy, vitality, peace, self-love, and true essence. 

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