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 The forces of creation subdivide into twelve astrological signs, and where these energies reside on a person’s creation team indicates the ways their creation skills function and the desires they have in life. 

The element of Earth subdivides into the archetypes of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; Water into Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces; Air into Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; Fire into Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Overview of the Archetypes with Their Basic Manifestation Motivations

Earth Archetypal Manifestation Motivations Overall: Build Solid, Sustainable, and Stable Resources 
Taurus ~ Experiences of Beauty, Pleasure, Intimacy
Virgo ~ Do Sacred Work and Safely Save
Capricorn ~ Create Wealth and Businesses

Water Archetypal Manifestation Motivations Overall: Relational and Fluid
Cancer ~ Take Care of Family, Friends, Pets, and Projects
Scorpio ~ Intense Feeling Experiences
Pisces ~ Further Serve Those in Need

Air Archetypal Motivations Overall: Stimulated by Creative and Innovative Ideas. 
Gemini ~ Express Creative Ideas
Libra ~ Support Partnership and Peace
Aquarius ~ Fund Innovations and Technology

Fire Archetypal Motivations Overall: Action and Energy-Oriented, Follow Passion
Aries ~ Defend Rights, Mission or Purpose and Adventure
Leo ~ Enhance Image and Visibility
Sagittarius ~ Explore, Learn, Travel

Imagine your inner creation team as a board of directors. And just like a board, when your creation team functions well, they align in decision-making and taking action. The archetype of your inner feminine determines the core type of Goddess you express. For example, if your inner feminine manifests as Sagittarius you would devote yourself to quest for spiritual truth and meaning. If you were in alignment with this archetype, you might be a travel writer, a philosophy teacher, or one who facilitates spiritual journeys.

The archetype of your inner masculine determines how you interface with the outer world. You need your inner feminine and inner masculine to function well together in order to bring your creations into being. Initially, many women project their inner masculine onto the men in their lives or onto their primary relationship. Part of successful creation requires that you connect with and claim this archetype without giving the power of creation over to others. Just as in the outer world, the feminine and masculine within need to be in a co-creative partnership to function best.

The elements flow through each person’s character in a unique fashion. Your personal overall elemental makeup will impact how you work with them to manifest. If you have a more “earthly” character you will find working with Earth’s requirements easier, and you may find another element more challenging to balance. Someone who has an “airy” temperament may have lots of creative ideas floating around but may really need to work at taking grounded earthy steps to bring them into being. Your unique elemental character will help you determine how to balance the elements to fully anchor your abundance flow.



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