This 4 Step Coaching Lesson Incorporating Movement and Natural Rhythms™ Wisdom is Designed to Help a Participant Move out of Stress Patterns and Discover the Pathway to the Grace, Joy, Restoration, and the Ease they Long for! 

Sample Embodiment Exercise & Free 

How can we have more engaging exercises for our clients to more fully embody and integrate what they are learning?


Experience the Power of Natural Rhythms Wisdom from Nature & Conscious Dance/Embodiment to Catalyze Personal Transformation & Cultural Change with this Free Gift!   
Explore 4 Steps to Begin Liberating your Sovereign Creative Power so you can:
  • ​Break Free from Exhausting Stress Reactions 

  • Rest, Relax, and Re-Energize the Body/Mind/Emotions/Spirit

  • Restore Your Optimism & Passion in Life

  • Experience More Daily Ease, Love, and Joy  

  • Discover and Harvest the Gifts of your Biggest Challenges

    Receive one step per week for 4 weeks with a Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance or Wisdom exercise in each step!

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Wisdom thru


 Angela Roberts  

Creative Power Guide:
4 Steps to Begin the Path of Liberation
and Move from Stress to Ease

Discover the Power of Embodiment 

&  Nature's Wisdom! 

Provide another level of Transformation & Personal Empoerment in Your Women's Circle's & Workshop Experiences that Make You Unforgettable.

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