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 4 Steps from Stress to Ease

Move out of Stress Patterns and Discover the Pathway to Embody the
Grace, Joy, Restoration, and Ease you Long for!

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Our body is the sacred container through which our unique spark of spirit is expressed in the world. Many of us are stuck in exhaustion and the depleting patterns of an unsustainable lifestyle that keeps us in a victimizing state of stress reaction. 


We don't have power if we are a victim, it's time to come back to the Natural Rhythms of life and reclaim our power to flourish with ease!


Spirit whispered to me ...


"Turn to the Sacred Earth, for she knows the path of liberation through the Temple Body to reclaim your sovereign creative power!"

How can we experience greater
ease and grace in our biggest challenges?



It begins with the Creative Power Guide and taking 4 Steps to Begin the Path of Liberation and Move from Stress to Ease!

Explore 4 Steps to Begin Liberating your Sovereign Creative Power so you can:
  • ​Break Free from Exhausting Stress Reactions 

  • Rest, Relax, and Re-Energize the Body/Mind/Emotions/Spirit

  • Restore Your Optimism & Passion in Life

  • Experience More Daily Ease, Love, and Joy  

  • Discover and Harvest the Gifts of your Biggest Challenges


Reclaim your Power to Flourish with Ease!

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 Angela Roberts  

Creative Power Guide:
4 Steps to Begin the Path of Liberation
and Move from Stress to Ease

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