Divinely Empowered Leader

Learn to Co-Create Your Experiences with the Wisdom and Support of the Divine Universe in this power packed training...

​Life Creation 101:  Manifestation Mastery

Be supported to manifest from your authentic purpose and
 serve your clients with more grace, fulfillment, and ease.

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Amplify your Sacred Manifestation Capacity as a Leader

Is it time to revolutionize the way you lead your life and business creations into manifest form? 

This program supports you to deepen your living relationship with the forces of creation and understand how you can be supported more profoundly by the universe to bring things into reality. To live your life or help your clients to live from authentic purpose to experience a more fulfilling life!

Step into your purpose as a revolutionary change maker. Contribute and bring forth a harmonious connection to all of creation. Collectively co-create abundant sustainability, peaceful living, joyful expression, and loving action for the highest good for all.

I'm Angela Roberts, your Unforgettable Workshops© Facilitator Trainer, and if you find yourself here you may feel passionately called as a leader to reconnect with the Earth and all of Creation in an intimate and sacred way and to inspire others to do the same! This program does just that and it helps us create new cultural values that manifest a better world for all.   Learn more below...

If you are ready to... 

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Life Creation 101 Manifestation is for YOU if you're ready to...

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Life Creation 101
Plus Global Goddess Gathering

$430 NOW Only $348

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Amplify your Sacred Manifestation Capacity
Learn to Co-Create with the Wisdom and Support 
of the Divine Universe!


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Transformational Facilitation Pathway

Discovery Session

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  • Clarify your next steps to embody your Life Creation Power or help your clients do this by connecting to the wisdom of nature. Discover how it can support you to bring forth your confident, unforgettable leadership expression to stand out and be recognized by your ideal clients more easily!

  • Learn how you can more easily provide powerful experiences and supportive program content to increase enrollment, catalyze transformation, accelerate learning, deepen community connection, and keep clients coming back for more!

  • Discover if Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop Facilitation Resources can support you to bring your vision into reality with more ease, grace, and playfulness!

I'm Angela Roberts,  Natural Rhythms™ Life Creation Coach & Conscious Dance Trainer, & Workshop Facilitator, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur.  I'm passionate about Helping Workshop & Women's Circle Leaders, Coaches, Healers & Movement Instructors Prosper as they Catalyze the Personal Transformation and Cultural Change needed in the World!    

I'm excited to support you with great training and business growth resources utilizing over 30 years experience and extensive education in dance, ancient traditions, and world cultures;15 years in workshop and event production; and 18 years helping heart-centered entrepreneurs (coaches/healers/holistic practitioners) prosper bringing their business visions successfully into the world!

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