Increase Your Ability to Receive more Prosperity, the Divine Feminine Way!

Module 1 

Naturally Create Your Financial Flow the Divine Feminine Way
 (2 in-depth videos + pdf Workbook)


  • Discover the essence of the “Divine Feminine Flow of Money”, it's Sacred Origins vs. its label as the 'Root of All Evil', and why this is vitally important for you to understand as a woman today who desires to Flourish!

  • Uncover the critical ways you may be unconsciously constricting/preventing your financial flow and gain practical tools to open the energy flow of blessing anytime it contracts.

  • Explore the 12 Modern-Day Money Goddess expressions and find out what each one needs to feel and be abundant/prosperous. Discover which Goddess Expression You Are!

  • Tap into your creative power, sourcing your financial flow thru your Soul's purpose, your unique vision of prosperity, and embodying a perspective that allows abundance (money) to flow to you!


There are two parts to Module 1 below, part 1 is 90 minutes and part 2 is 2 hours in length.  

Download the workbook below to take digital notes in word or you can print it or take notes in a separate journal. 


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Module 1

Download Here

Module 1
Part 1 Video

(1 hour)


Module 1
Part 2 Video

(1 hour & 20 minutes)


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