Moving from Hushed to Unforgettable Expression

Coming Very Soon as a Live "Embody it!" Facebook Challenge Experience. 

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for Healers, Practitioners, Workshop Leaders, & Coaches 
Passionate to Manifest Personal & Cultural Change.


Join your host, Angela Roberts, for this Masterclass to

 Begin Re-Discovering Your Unforgettable Expression 

So You Can Attract Your Ideal Clients

& Make a Bigger Impact as a Feminine Leader Rising! 

In this short Masterclass you will begin rediscovering the parts of you that have been hushed or hidden away, reclaim their expressive value, and embody your unique unforgettable expression!

Through this example workshop exercise you will discover how powerful embodiment experiences & the wisdom of nature can ...

  • Provide new and memorable experiences for your workshop participants.

  • Illuminate hidden patterns that need to be shifted for clients to fulfill their desires.

  • Assist participants to change states or embody new more beneficial ways of being.

  • Accelerate learning, integrate workshop content, and catalyze transformation.

  • Help your clients build their confidence and capacity to make choices, take action, hold a beneficial mindset and high vibration, and navigate the challenges of life with greater success and ease.



This exercise was custom designed for a 7 Figure Womens Business Coach who offers an annual retreat called 'Rock the Stage' at the iconic learning retreat center, '1440 Multiversity' in California. In this training emerging workshop leaders learn how to incorporate public speaking to reach their ideal clients and grow their businesses. 


We all know the fear and anxiety that comes up around public speaking and this often has us aim to be pleasing in our delivery vs. being authentic and unforgettable!

This exercise helps to reveal and reclaim parts of your unique expression that have been repressed that are your magnetic and unforgettable qualities that attract your ideal clients. It includes a post exercise integration handout. 

What part of your expression has been Hushed?  

Join us for this amazing class & enjoy all the other 2019 Masterclass Series classes and facilitator gifts!




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 Prosper Making a Difference!


Explore Pathways to Catalyze Personal Transformation & Cultural Change

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Kumu Karyne Daniels
Kumu Karyne Daniels

Spiritual Dance Instructor & Founder of Sacred Dance Path: Meaningful Movement for Women. Kumu Karyne is an international choreographer and soloist, Creator of 'Heart Light Hula'! With over 30 years experience in the world of dance and entertainment industry she offers her poetic expertise to every project she embodies. Currently, Karyne is teaching her contemporary hula & Tahitian program to the upcountry community of Maui, Hi. Expanding to online classes you can join soon!

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Dionne Ruff-Sloan
Dionne Ruff-Sloan

With her 5 years of experience as a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach, Dionne engages her client’s creativit-tea, spirituali-tea and productivi-tea to live their best life at any age. In the last 3 years, she has used her gifts and wisdom to create women’s circle group experiences through the Alchemical Creation Priestess Process, as a contributing facilitator at the Global Goddess Gathering 2017 and 2018, in one on one client sessions as a Creation Coach and an Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

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Angela Roberts
Angela Roberts

Angela Roberts, aka. Sweet Fire of Grace is a Natural Rhythms™ Life Creation Coach & Conscious Dance Facilitator Trainer; Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Artist; Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur. I'm passionate about Helping Change Makers, Dancers/Artists, Coaches, and Workshop Leaders Catalyze the Personal Transformation and Cultural Change needed in the World!

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Dr. Meg Haworth, PH. D.
Dr. Meg Haworth, PH. D.

Offering holistic wellness solutions for abuse survivors with chronic illnesses, Dr. Meg Haworth is a passionate trailblazer, best-selling author, and international speaker who guides her clients back to being strong, healthy, vibrant individuals! She knows the path to overcome as she healed herself from more than a dozen illnesses, the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and drowning, along with being struck by lightning! Learn how her Temple Body Calling Out developed the medicine she shares!

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Recording Available for Limited Time!

Recording Available for Limited Time!

Recording Available for Limited Time!