Sustainable + Soulful Living© Collective
Virtual Networking Gatherings

 with your host,
Angela Roberts  

Workshop Facilitators 


If you are a Feminine Leader or/and Heart-Centered Business owner whose work
contributes to the fostering of Sustainable + Soulful Living
© on the planet you are in the right place!

In these networking gatherings you'll share your mission, product or service launch of the year, and discover if other Collective members might be a good fit with your business to work together as Joint Venture Partners/Affiliate Promotion Partners/Referral Partners/Other Win-Win relationships that will help each other thrive making a difference in the world! 



 Sustainable + Soulful Living© Collective Opportunities & Benefits

  • There are going to be great opportunities for Collective Members to have your mission and business shared with others through the Collective Facebook Fan Page, Group, and be a special Expert Guest Speaker in a Sustainable + Soulful Living©  Summit which will launch in 2020 or 2021!

  • As a collective we'll be sharing tools, tips, and other amazing guidance to assist people in breaking free from the Modern Life Stress Epidemic, Becoming more Conscious Heart-Centered Co-creators of Reality, and Cultivate Public Desire for a more Sustainable way of living that is still Soulfully Fulfilling!

  • Participate in the Monthly ''Facilitator Mastery' Facebook Challenge for coaches and other workshop leaders who teach online or in-person. Discover  and try out Powerful Embodiment Experiences that Bring Forth Your Unforgettable  Expression, Accelerate Client Learning, Amplify Results, Increase Enrollment & Uplift You to  Lead with  More Confidence & Grace!

 Sustainable + Soulful Living© Collective
Virtual Networking Gatherings

(New calendar for 2020 is being developed!)




I will send you a call guide with 8-10 questions that you'll be answering on the call as you

share 'what your up to' with us. 


I'll send a few emails before each meet up so you know you are welcome and your presence is a blessing!

As I listen to the needs and focus of each business owner I may also share other free resources, send you an invitation to a guest expert interview or class that you might find helpful! 


Let's be part of the Feminine Leadership Revolution that is a 'Rising Tide Lifting All Boats'!


I respect your privacy and will never share your info.  

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As you join us for your first Networking call you'll have a chance to see if you really resonate with the Collective and then you'll be asked to formally join the private group! 

Your leadership is critical to help usher in more Sustainable + Soulful Lifestyles on the planet. 
Along with Lifestyles that are more in harmony with the Natural Rhythms© of life (of creation)! 

 Sustainable + Soulful Living© Collective
Virtual Networking Gatherings

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Sign up here to receive call details and invitations to attend monthly gatherings!

I respect your privacy and will never share your info.  

I'm your host, Angela Roberts, of Unforgettable Workshops©,

 Life Creation Coach, Transformational Workshop & Conscious Dance Facilitator & Trainer, Business Growth Consultant, and Spiritual Entrepreneur.   

I look forward to seeing you soon! 

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Angela Helps Workshop & Group Leaders Create the Sacred Space, Deep Connection, and Transformational Experiences that Catalyze the Personal and Cultural Change their Client Desire!  To Lead with Confidence, Wisdom, and Greater Ease.