Learn to Catalyze Personal Transformation & Cultural Change with Conscious Dance while Prospering Making a Difference! 

Conscious Dance Facilitator Training

Enhance your women's circle and other workshop facilitation skills incorporating the transformational power of conscious dance. Help your participants discover their unique gifts and expression; activate their personal creative power and access the wisdom of the body and nature so they can embody new ways of being for personal and cultural change!



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Are you here because you love dance and feel inspired and called to help others ...

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Re-Connect with
a Divine Universe

 Guide Others to Become Fully Empowered  to Consciously Co-Create their Lives, Recognizing & Experiencing the Divine Support of the Universe.


Sustainable, Soulful & Heart-Centered Living

Help Foster Loving and Conscious Personal & Cultural Values that Honor our Sacred Connection to One Another, Nature & the Highest Good for All.



Re-Claim the Temple:
Embody Natural Rhythms

Help Others Reconnect to  their Bodies as a Sacred Temple, to Understand and Benefit from Living in Harmony with Nature's Restorative and Nurturing Rhythmic Cycles 

What Medicine,Wisdom  and Support are You Ready to Share & Provide?

  • Re-Connects Humanity to the Divinity within All Creation and the Incredible Support, Guidance, Consciousness and Ease that Brings to Our Lives!

  • Assists Individuals to Re-Claim their Sovereign Personal Power, Heal Wounds of the Past and Step into the Now with Greater Optimism and Confidence.

  • Strengthens an Individuals Ability to Direct their Energy and Make Choices that Allow them to Create and Experience More of What they Desire.

  • Helps People Develop the Capacity to Move through Life Challenges with More Grace and Love as they Harmonize with the Natural Rhythms of Life.

  • Utilizes the Incredible Power of Sacred Dance, Embodiment, and Nature's Wisdom to Cultivate Sustainable, Heart-Centered, and Soulful Living on the Planet and So Much More!

Dear Leader,

You are in the right place if you are ready to take your facilitation skills to the next level and share your medicine & wisdom in a way that ...

I'm Angela Roberts, the Unforgettable Workshops Mentor & Natural Rhythms© Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop Facilitator Trainer and I'm so excited to learn more about your vision to support others in the world! 

1440 Multiversity Campu Embodiment Exercise ~
1440 Multiversity ~ Angela Roberts of Unforgettable Workshops

What I know and you most likely also do, is that the world is in great need of leaders who can help restore balance to an ailing world struggling in distress. 

Unforgettable Workshop Leader Resources, like Natural Rhythms© Life Creation Mastery, Conscious Dance and Transformational Workshop training, tap into the wisdom of the life creation process, our connection to all that is, and engage every aspect of our being~ the body, emotions, mind, energy and our unique spirit essence expression.

You will learn to provide support, experiences, and content that create new personal and cultural realities by assisting others to embody particular values, ideals, beliefs, and create new patterns of behavior.

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The problem you uniquely solve for others is part of the natural cycle of life and there is wisdom in nature that can help you guide your clients to navigate that part of life with more ease and learn to co-create their experiences more consciously! 

This cultivates an intimate relationship with nature, a sacred relationship, and that positively shifts the way humanity lives on the planet.

Natural Rhythms© Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop Facilitation Skills and Teaching Resources Assist Your Participants to Activate their Personal Power and Get Great Results Working with You… so You can Prosper Making the Difference Your Called to!

Enjoy an introduction video below with Lisa Michaels,

the Creator of the Natural Rhythms©  programs!

It's important in this time of great global change to honor our elders and mentors who dedicated their lives to restoring the divine feminine energy to humanity by sharing the ancient wisdom of indigenous people and leading with love.


Lisa Michaels, Hay House author, entrepreneur, life long dancer and studio owner, expert workshop and transformational facilitator, Priestess, life and business coach, and president of the Natural Rhythms Institute. 

For the past twenty years she has developed, refined, and proven effective Natural Rhythms© teachings, products, programs, and facilitator training.  As the Founder of Natural Rhythms Feminine Leadership Revolution, she shares her passion, vision, and expertise to inspire a blossoming team of facilitators and leaders that contribute to a better world!

You may think, 'but I am not a dancer', and what is so incredible about this form of conscious dance is that it requires NO experience in dance, you will learn how to easily lead using these tools and resources.

Dance experience or skill is also unnecessary for participants and everyone is welcome to move in their unique way while you uphold a safe and respectful space for everyone.  

Your participants may be in a wheel chair, unable to move various aspects of the body, recovering from a life challenge or just needing sacred non-judgmental space to be free to 'be' and express their truth in! 


Through these powerful experiences and teaching resources participants learn to...

  • consciously create a life they love with greater ease

  •  break free of unhealthy patterns, mental confusion or overwhelm

  • explore, discover, and access their inner wisdom held in the body

  • move with greater ease through the challenges and difficulties of life

  •  release what no longer serves them and find the renewal and support they need

  • connect with their true desires, what truly fulfills them and fuels their passions

  • discover their unique and valued expression, gifts, and life purpose  

  • birth a new vision or dream and gain clarity of direction

  •  be grounded, find resources, and build the foundation to support their dreams

  • dissolve stress related tension and anxieties

  •  focus and direct their energy effectively to experience more of what they desire

  • live in sustainable harmony with nature, enjoying life on a new level

  • and so much more!!!


Training & Support Included in this Online Self Paced & Power-Packed Offering:

Conscious Dance Facilitator Training
Learn to Facilitate Powerful Embodiment & Conscious Experiences to Help Participants Activate their Personal Power & Discover their Inner Wisdom; Clarify their Deepest Desires & Fulfilling Life Purpose; Become Energized, Uplifted, & Fully Resourced to Bring their Desires into Reality; Heal & Release What no Longer Serves Them; Learn and Integrate New Concepts, Embodying New Ways of Being; and Cultivate a More Heart-Centered, Sustainable & Soulful Lifestyle. 


  • 11 Engaging and Content Rich Course Modules 

  • 10 Pre-designed and Tested Conscious Dance Classes You Can Use Right Away 

  • 'Done for you' Downloadable Workshop Presentation & Participant Materials

  • Tested Music Lists, play lists used during the training and recommended playlists for each pre-designed workshop.

Empowered Leadership ~  Life Creation 101: Manifestation Mastery 
Expand Your Personal Power to Co-Create with the Wisdom and Support of the Divine Universe. Manifest from your authentic purpose, with more grace, fulfillment, and ease. 

Includes: Live Virtual Conscious Dance & Life Creation Mastery workshop exercises in the Natural Rhythms Conscious Dancer Facebook group to help you integrate learning to flourish in your life and business as you develop skill mastery. 
- Gain clarity about which teachings will be of service to your clients and how you'd like to incorporate them into your dance gatherings and transformational workshops. 


1~ 40 Minute Getting Started Deep Dive Session

This session is a time for us to clarify your plan for your training and how I can best support you to bring forth your vision!

 6 ~ 30 Minute Sessions: Private 1 on 1 Coaching Support
Use these sessions with Angela Roberts to address any aspect of the program, your business,  or personal growth challenges that you would like support with.