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I'm an Entrepreneur, one who takes big risks in my life and Angela helped me move thru something that was keeping me from moving forward with a big goal! She helped me dissolve very debilitating emotions that were making me hesitate and second guess myself. I don't always feel safe to share my real challenges with others because I'm a business owner, I've got to make a great impression, right? Haha.. Well, what I took away from my time with Angela is an ease I never had before! I don't have to stress out trying to be perfect anymore! Whew! I learned a simple way to free myself from that kind of distress and give my clients the permission to not be perfect in their lives either! Working with Angela is like being part of a greater movement that asks us each to stand up for and live the meaningful values that we want to see more of in the world! If you need help moving forward I highly recommend you connect with her! 
 ~ S.H. Santa Cruz, CA.
This program, Activate Your Inner $ Goddess, was a tremendous eye-opener for me and I am so grateful for what I gained from it! I learned the importance of examining my viewpoints, emotions, structure and drive around finances. My money-making goals in addition to my confidence have transformed! The program schooled me on my own true power, and making the necessary adjustments that I never would have realized on my own is certainly within my reach. I have absolute confidence that this program has forever changed my relationship with money in a way that will lead me to more financial success.
~ Wendy Warner, Santa Cruz 
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Angela's courage is inspiring to me, her willingness to share her own dark journey and vulnerability to uplift me and help me thru tough times! I love her authenticity, humor, and commitment to help us break free from self-imposed expectations that generate daily stress in our lives!  She helped me find ways to make more powerful and supportive agreements in my life that gave me the room to be a real human being (not super woman) at home and work. I learned how to truly value and love myself in a way that sustains me vs. trying to get my love, acceptance, and approval from others. Others are now free from my expectations and I get to have my power back! Now that's a Win-Win!   ~C.M., Modesto, CA. 
Love from Women on this Beautiful Journey with me, the Sisterhood. Angela is...
A Bright Star, Spirited Gazelle, Priestess of Abundant Love, Dedicated & Tireless support for her Tribe and the world, Angel of Amazing Insight, Seer of Truth & Possibility, Radiant Love, Imaginative & Resourceful, Inspiring and Enlivening, Compassionate & Fierce Advocate, Powerful Manifestor, A Winged Unicorn Lighting the Path, Generous Strength, Starburst of Energy, Grounded & Loving, Powerfully Connected to Spirit, a True Women's Empowerment Guide, A Soul Sister & Friend, Someone to safely Share the Dark Times with and help you find your way back to Joy.