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Profitable & Transformational

Step-by-Step Facilitator Training Designed to 
Increase Your Income & Workshop Results

Discover How Powerful Embodiment Experiences & the Wisdom of Nature can
 Accelerate Learning, Amplify Results, Support Your Clients Allowing You Time to Restore,
 Increase Enrollment & Uplift You to Lead with More Confidence & Grace!

Life Creation 101 Manifestation is for YOU if you're ready to...

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  • Begin to prosper and thrive financially in more soul-filled ways.

  • Observe your personal and professional relationships and communications improving as you understand the elemental energies found in Nature.

  • Create more inner harmony and balance by aligning with both active and receptive energies.

  • Direct your intention for health and wellness in naturally supportive ways.

  • Find your purpose and passion expanding as you fully express your essence.

  • Strengthen your authentic leadership abilities as you nourish your inner feminine.

  • Dynamically direct the creation energies of your business and life for organic success.

  • Develop your inner abilities to expand your natural personal power.

  • Become more effective in each realm: physical, emotional, mental, action, and spiritual.

Is it time for you to begin facilitating workshops or take your facilitation skills to the next level?

Are you ready to add more profit to your business bottom-line and help your clients achieve better results?

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Life Creation 101
Plus Global Goddess Gathering

$430 NOW Only $348


Discover if it's for you in a Complimentary 1 on 1 

'Tranformational Facilitator Pathway'

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  • Learn how you can more easily provide powerful experiences and supportive program content to increase enrollment, catalyze transformation, accelerate learning, deepen community connection, help clients embody a new state or integrate content, and keep them coming back for more!

  • Discover if Profitable & Transformational Workshop Facilitation Resources can support you to bring your vision into reality!

Angela Roberts is a Natural Rhythms™ Life Creation Coach, Conscious Dance Faciltator Trainer, Unforgettable Workshop Mentor, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur.  She is passionate about Helping Workshop & Women's Circle Leaders, Coaches, Healers & Movement Instructors Prosper as they Catalyze the Personal Transformation and Cultural Change needed in the World!    

She supports leaders using her 30 years experience and extensive education in dance, ancient traditions, and world cultures;15 years in workshop and event production; and 18 years helping heart-centered entrepreneurs (coaches/healers/ holistic practitioners) prosper bringing their business visions successfully into the world!