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Are You Creating Things You Don't Want? Skunk Medicine to the Rescue

So, yesterday I was hiking with Penny, my hunting dog. She runs free thru the redwood forest and tracks scents and gets into things she shouldn't. Today she scrambled up a steep hill to discover two baby skunks and their mama. She's getting better about listening and came immediately when I called, thank Goodness! Wasn't looking forward to a sprayed dog cleaning. :) The babies were adorbs and their tails were so heavy they were falling over trying to climb the hillside into their tree root home. We watched a while, thanked Great Spirit for their visit and left them to continue on in their cuteness!I haven't had many Animal Messengers lately so I was touched to have them cross our pathway today.

Let's see what Medicine (Wild Wisdom) Skunk has to share! Skunks Medicine is about the impact we can have through the senses, creating a Reputation thru how we use our energy to attract or repel things in our lives. Our unique energy is our personal Medicine, the way we share our gifts and qualities with the world and what we use to create our experiences/reality. Skunk teaches that our energy in action creates a reputation and the experiences we desire by being clear and honest about who we are, that way we attract only what we truly desire and repel what we do not. People come to know who we are and they either want to be a part of our experiences or not. Beliefs also create a particular energy within the body, experienced by us thru the senses and perceived in our body language by others. (You recognize the slump of doubt or the upright strength of certainty.)

That is, unless, we are Great Pretenders! Hiding and ignoring our true energy and related feelings, controlling our body language with force and contraction. Unfortunately, I became a skilled Great Pretender for many reasons but mostly for survival purposes. You see, I am what I call a 'Deep Feeler'. Which has its curses and its blessings! I hid my feelings to avoid judgement and rejection for about 24 years, as many people are quite uncomfortable with negative or super deep feelings. No need to have someone conclude I was a 'Wild One' who lacked control of my emotions. A deadly label in the workplace.

​In case you are wondering; yes, my natal chart is full of Scorpio. I'll share more about the glorious gifts of Feeling Deeply soon and why it's so Liberating and Empowering to explore the Archetypes in your Shamanic Natal Astrology Chart! Stay tuned.

But for now, let's see how Skunk Medicine can help us out with this Pretending business!

Skunk asks us to notice:

What are you experiencing in our present situation? What energy are you using to create or attract this? (Please share what you're noticing with the Sisterhood in the comments section below. We're in this together and are blessings to one another through our honesty in sharing our celebrations or our journey thru the challenging wilderness.)

Are we hiding an Unwanted, Overwhelming, Negative feeling, Pretending it isn't there?

Medicine: If we ignore or hide our true feelings we will attract the outcome of that feeling regardless. It is a time turn inward, follow the energy back to the belief that's creating it. Learning to transform negative feelings, harvest their gift and choose a new one that supports the creation of our true desires allows us to live with the nonchalance of skunk. If your feeling challenged to break free from some repetitive negative emotions apply for my complimentary 1 on 1 Flourish with Ease Discovery session here. We'll dive deep together and discover some resources to help you move back into ease! This visit with skunk reminded of my last post about my intense experience of social exile as a child. If you missed it, here's the link, FYI it's a tear jerker for some people. I was so deeply afraid of connecting to others. So overwhelmed with negative feelings that it's hard to believe where I am in my life now - so free, so happy, so connected and enjoying others!

Did I really share my Deep Feeling Self in public, for all to see? Holy Crap, eeek....

But I don't care now, I'm not afraid! I know the glorious gifts that are within our darker or unpleasant emotions and I can access this beautiful Skunk medicine as needed. I am so thankful that Great Spirit guided me here, where I can FINALLY enjoy being who I am and know that I only will attract that which I desire. And it makes me cry that I get to finally be a blessing and see all my darkest journey's transformed into gifts of light! Who could have imagined?

I thank Great Spirit for guiding me to this Joy and Sweet Connection on the journey.

How will you incorporate Skunk's medicine in your life? Feel free to share what this Medicine offered you today! Thank You Skunks!

Wishing my Sisters the Non-Chalance and Creative Energy Power of Skunk Medicine!



"May you come to see the Spirit conspiring to Support You,

sending messages thru all of Creation!"

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