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Is Your Self Criticism preventing your Prosperity?

In today's video I'll be sharing Wisdom thru the Wild & Beyond™ Abundance Tips and revealing Critical Ways we can be Constricting our Prosperity and ways we can get it Flowing towards us again! Some of us are more prone to self criticism than others. Many of us wish we could be as confident and sure of ourselves as others seem to be. But when you have been told you are broken, your true nature is flawed and unacceptable, and that you need to be more like others who are 'normal', what is meant to be a moment of honest assessment, motivation or self improvement turns into a chronic debilitating habit of self loathing! A habit that seems to serve everyone around us but keeps many from ever establishing the prosperity they truly need for stability and the ability to live in a more fulfilling way! This can happen to anyone based on their life experiences. It can be especially challenging for those who are in repetitive stress cycles, situations of victimization, who aren't sure how things come into reality or what role they play in the creation of that reality; those with a Deep Feeling/Emotional nature; Empaths; Highly Sensitive People; the Neuro Divergent population (ADHD/Autistic/Bi-Polar, etc.); and other differently abled people. In this video I reveal how we may be unconsciously constricting or preventing our own prosperity through the way we perceive ourselves, our learning moments, and the way we use our creative power in life. I hope others find this video and other Abundance tips as helpful as I did! I'd love to hear what you discover about letting prosperity flow to you. If you subscribe above to this blog you'll receive the next abundance tip post in your inbox, don't miss the free gifts I'll be sending worth $497! You might find the Prosperity Power Survey™ + Power Activation Gifts (click here) helpful to see what's keeping you from prosperity and start activating your personal power to thrive more easily now!Wishing you prosperity with greater ease. Luv, Angela

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