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A song that reduces anxiety 65% & a tip to release overwhelming emotions!

Your Uplift~Spirit Whispers™ message today was another wonderful example of how the Holy Spirit guides us to exactly what we need next and that we can trust it!

I have been preparing to record a meditation that dramatically changed by stress ridden life (which I'll invite you to experience very soon) and normally it is done without music. But I felt this little voice inside say, "others will be more able to relax if you include some music" (which is one of the uplifting tools of the Air element). So I started to search You Tube to see what might work, I came across this particular music and just knew this was the one. It wasn't overbearing or distracting, just right, I felt my body calm when I heard it. So I saved it in my favorites tab.

Then today Spirit sent me a strong message to confirm that I can trust it and have Faith in where it guides me, even if I have no proof that it is the best thing or approval from others that it is the best thing! I randomly come across an article that discussed this song I saved in my favorites and how it was proven scientifically to reduce anxiety levels by 65%! (There is nothing more powerful than having your faith in Spirit confirmed and the guidance you received completely validated by the outer world, especially through science!) I was so delighted and thankful and I just wanted to share this message so we start to feel safe in Spirit's guidance for us. Reading the article reminded me just how powerfully music can shift our state of being! Prompting me to ask you...

How does music touch you? Help you through the Wild Times?

It enlivens my life in a deep and meaningful way. Music activates the physical body, inspires, and calls forth movement. It helps us to express the depths and heights of life that can't be expressed in just words. Music increases my self-awareness and helps me recognize what's being held within that I want to celebrate and amplify or allow to flow on through and release. Sometimes we must surrender to our pain/let it be present in order to finally be liberated from it and be able to come back to the present where we can begin to create a new reality! Music helps us shift our state of being!

What can you do when painful or intense emotions are overwhelming you? Check out this video tip using the powerful wisdom in creation to help you let these emotions flow through and release them so you can embody something new that uplifts you!!

We'll be using your body (Earth realm), song/sound (Air realm) and movement (Fire realm) to help you release emotions/feelings (Water realm) and reset your emotions to what you really want to be experiencing instead, your true loving, joyful essence (Spirit realm)!

If you don't have space to dance... in stressful times you can use this song, the one I mentioned above, to help reduce your anxiety!

The science: According to Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International, which conducted the research, this song produced a greater state of relaxation than any other music tested to date. "Weightless" -- resulted in a striking 65 percent reduction in participants' overall anxiety, and a 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates. Please post some of your favorite relaxation songs on my Facebook post so others can enjoy them also! We're in this together. Your wisdom is valued!

Thanks for joining me for this tip to help you Flourish with Ease™.

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sending messages thru all of Creation!"

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