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I Surrender

I stand in the darkness under the cold black-blue air, heavy with the scent of redwood trees, I hear the sound of the river rushing through my body after the rain poured. Oh Spirit what are you bringing to the surface that I can bear no more? I light the white sage and look out from my pain into the stars and shadows where the Creator waits for me. Calling me to surrender to all the parts of me I wish weren't there, to the knowing that everything is working out for my Highest Good & yours! I must surrender to the world I believe in creating and stand to have exist, where there is room for vulnerability in community to be embraced. I must surrender and be honest to what I can bear no more...about this event, it is only fitting for this Sacred Time that we are in together.

I Surrender

I surrender my wishes for and expectations of you and I.

My desire for perfection and my faults and mistakes. I surrender what I thought I knew and to not knowing,

To my worries and fears of what will not be and all that will come.

I surrender to bad marketing and whatever else I couldn't be or do right.

I surrender to bad skin, hairy legs that won't be shaved and toes that won't be painted.

I surrender what I think I had to be and what I will never be.

To the love in my husband’s eyes, his heart and actions so kind.

To the songs he played that called out the rattle from our story and into the dance.

I surrender the pain of the child that never came, and the joy of the new one coming in the rain to others.

I surrender to weak abs and tired mind and walks with the dog.

To my ADHD super focus that makes me a hermit to finish the job.

I surrender to the pain of friendships not nurtured enough to the joy of the deep ones that remain. I surrender to not hearing your laughter or wild one be free in the dance with me. I surrender the child in me who fears being left to play alone in the sea.

I surrender the golden smooth, chestnut husks of the buckeye seeds pregnant and heavy on the trees.

Hand picked from the forest in a sacred place, one by one, just for you. I surrender the dream you might not dream into them with me. I surrender to the way creation will bring blessings and prosperity to your life and mine.

I will surrender if this is the way and ride the Sea Turtle’s current in ease.

I surrender the dance of the rattle, with power and fire to light the path to the bears cave. I surrender the Kala'au sticks that may not beat to the love of our mother’s beaming thru the moon.

In this moment, I surrender to the flash and flood of Spirit in the rain’s purge so that we may be free.

If you are ready to surrender the pain of the year like dandelion spores in the wind, feel the love of our mother's thru the moon, renew the wild and free in you, and travel in the bears cave to receive the seed of your dream...please join me @ Release, Renew, & Seed the Dream of 2018! http://www.angela-roberts.com/seedthedream

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