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Stop being so emotional....they said!

So grateful to do what I do...so inspired and touched by my amazing clients, the deep feeling women of the world who experience life in ways others can't imagine and for whom it is time to make room for in our culture, it's time to recognize and honor their gifts, and the contribution they bring to humanity! Each deep feeling soul has a beautiful gift to bear that increases the compassion of humanity and each has endured a great trial or tragedy, a dark night of the soul, when all we think we are falls away...and a personal medicine/body of wisdom is developed. There's nothing I love more than helping these incredible soul sisters/women take back their power! These are the women who care so deeply about things, often they can't bear the conflicts and separations between people, the social upheaval and violence becoming acceptable. They were never meant to be desensitized, stop trying to make them 'feel' less, to make you more comfortable, to make you feel less vulnerable, to make you feel less convicted about only wanting things to benefit you! They've have been told to 'stop being so emotional' and felt forced to numbness for acceptance ~ for survival. Many ended up spending half their lives suppressing their despair and beautiful, passionate, sensitive, compassionate and empathic true nature to make others comfortable! I love that moment 'When They Decide' they are sick of enduring the sea of suppressed emotional despair and choose it's time to shake off the shackles of cultural suppression and take their power back, they friggen blow me away!! WE STAND IN THE FOREST TOGETHER TODAY, I AM IN AWE, AS I ASK HER TO AND WATCH HER PULL ALL HER ENERGY/POWER BACK TO HERSELF THAT SHE HAS GIVEN AWAY OR ALLOWED SOMEONE TO TAKE!

She weeps tenderly at all she has endured (the tragedies/illnesses/life changing injuries/victimization/her voice diminished by others) I weep with her as I feel her pain releasing. She shifts from defeated and small wishing to flee HER LIFE and HER BODY to peaceful, centered, relieved, strengthened from the inside not from external approval. She becomes a luminous heart expanding with love and stands on her own as a pillar of power touching the heavens and grounded in the earth's core renewed with vigor and passionate clarity.

In that moment she realized why she is here, what her souls purpose is, and with just a little light being shined in the darkness she comes to know that she is a beautiful gift to this world just as she is and her voice matters, her experience and perspective matters!!

In fact, she realizes that it is her powerful deep feeling nature and voice that will help bring forth the healing, balance and peace this world so desperately needs! KABOOOOOM..... One more POWERFUL & COMPASSIONATE mother, sister, daughter, leader has broken the shackles TODAY on the 23rd of February 2018!!

I am so touched and honored to take this journey with this Powerful Soul Sister ~ Harvesting the Gifts of her Darkest Nights ~ Reclaiming her place in this World and taking the first steps to Dismantle the cultural and familial patterns that suppressed her! The pattern will not live on in her daughters and her lineage has now shifted forever! SO MUCH POWER COMES FROM BRINGING FORTH THE LIGHT OF OUR DARKEST NIGHTS! I stand for those deep feeling people, that they aren't sentenced to the dark, that there is a place for them/us in this world being exactly who we are! I'm here standing at the path that leads into the wilderness of your darkest night, waiting for you to arrive to meet me, to cast off the shackles and come out from behind the acceptable mask to harvest the gifts and power and wisdom and medicine you were born to bring forth! I'm waiting... for you... join me here.

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