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Aries final message, Don’t Give Up. Gain Creative Confidence ~Achieve that Dream!

As we come to the end of our sun time in Aries, notice how you are doing with creating your 2018 goals and dreams. What are you inspired to create in your life? When we dare to begin consciously creating — writing a book, choreographing a dance, painting a canvas, drawing a picture, your home or yard, crafting a recipe, building a business, or designing our lives — we face the pure vulnerability of our tender creative essence. We begin asking the creative expression tough killer questions before we’ve barely begun: “Is this any good?” “Will people like it?” “Why is this taking so long?” “Am I wasting my time?” Creativity requires tenderness to flourish. It needs to be held as a pregnant woman drapes her arm over her belly, protectively. It needs to be guarded like the tender shoots of garden plants, keeping them out of harm’s way until they are strong enough to produce fruit. Conscious creation and expressing creativity requires opening to the flow of creative essence energy, then allowing it to move through us into the world of form. This right brain activity needs space and time to take shape, before the left brain “editor, adjuster, corrector” tries to make it presentable to the world. Yes, as we gain mastery in a certain creative expression we’ll have failed attempts. We must expect them, welcome them even, in order to hold our creative essence with the tenderness it requires for full development. Imagine telling a toddler each time it stood up to walk, “You’re not very good at that. You need to stop.” How long would it be before the child stopped trying? A woman I knew showed her friend of many years her first attempts at writing. Her friend told her it wasn’t very good and she didn’t feel she was a writer. The woman never wrote another word.How different her life might have been with a few tender words of encouragement whispered in her ear, “Keep going.” The creative spirit inside each of us longs to fully express. When it’s brave enough to take its first or next tender steps, here are three things to help it along:

~ First, keep it safe from well-meaning messages of others and from the critical internal voice. ~ Second, Join us for ‘Power Up Your Life Purpose’ - A FREE 7-module video series (click here) designed for you to explore your unique life purpose, contribution, and gifts. When you more deeply understand and value the purpose of your important role, perspective, or expression in the world you access a new level of confidence to support all that you create and do! Align with your core essence and step into your full power to be a more effective creator and manifest abundance and fulfillment answering the call upon your heart!

~ Third, softly protect the creative flow as you go, knowing that with practice any skill gets stronger. Be patient. You’re learning to creatively walk. One of the most empowering things I’ve done is become clear about my life purpose, join us and step into your confidence! Learn more here: ‘Power Up Your Life Purpose’ - A FREE 7-module video series

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