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What can we learn from FIRE in Nature?

In the Wheel of the Year, this time of year we are Tending to our Inner Light and Exploring New Desires to Manifest and Directions to move into in 2019.

It's a good time to ask, what am I energizing? Is it what I desire or what I don't want that I am giving energy to? How can I stoke and use this energy differently for my highest good?

We look at the wisdom that has been gathered and expressed since ancient times about nature/humanity in Archetypes connected to Natures Rhythms. 🔥🔥💥☀️⭐️

'Sun Entered Sagittarius on November 21 in the Natural Rhythms and stays there until December 20th.

Element: Fire

As the sun changes its gate of awareness during this window, you may notice the subtle shift of elemental focus. The sun moves into one of the three fire signs, Sagittarius, and will stay there until December 20. Sagittarius carries with it tremendous gifts and the need for responsible care that any fire brings. The fuel of the expansive Sagittarius sun only comes once a year. Use this powerful energy to give the much-needed spark of life to the world that, until now, you have only dreamt of.

In the midst of great change, responsible care becomes even more important. Sagittarius fire expands. As a questing fire, it fuels expansion by searching and exploring new territory in a variety of ways, internally and externally. Inwardly, it can help you seek the meaning of life or shine the light of consciousness on the truth within ( ex. What part of me is not aligned, not in unity, separating in discord?). Outwardly, its expansion can be found as you travel to new places, increase your knowledge in an area of study, develop a marketing plan to increase business, or plan to cultivate the energy we will need to birth the new or continue on a path until fruition.

More energy and expansion can be a powerful gift when applied to what you actually want growing. When focused in an ineffective area or on what you do not want, however, it also expands that very thing.

To burn, fire needs air, appropriate containment, and safety. Learning to effectively work with fire means you must set your intention clearly, hold your focus carefully, create emotional safety, and choose suitable earthly containing parameters. Fire transforms and adds the energy to fuel your creations. If you focus on what you do not have, you will only experience more of what you feel is lacking. Instead, if you mindfully place your focus on all there is to be grateful for in your life, then the energy can shift toward what you are choosing to expand and create.

Especially for the holidays, if you focus on your expanding waistline or spending, you will experience more of both. Instead, focus on an effective eating plan that will allow you certain treats as well as helpful limits. And when it comes to holiday plans and purchases, the more you can focus on gratitude for all you do have, and on finding creative solutions to functioning within your budget (appropriate containment), the more fun and less stress you will experience.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.  You can align your manifesting focus with the monthly cycle of the moon. The Moon is a monthly version of the Wheel of the Year so we have a chance every month to practice moving through the creation process in alignment with Nature.

Personal Action Suggestions:

- Turn inward to assess the truth of what you’d like to bring forth during the next growing phase.

- Ask yourself some questions about what you would like to see grow during the year ahead, and allow your reflective answers to emerge.

- Notice the creation dreams you have bubbling to the surface and take notes.

Inquire how you can further enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

- As you sift through the gifts of the last year, what are you most grateful for? Make a list.

- Tune into the truth of how you could more effectively focus and balance your energy for the year ahead.

- Pay attention to the other questions arising as you reflect.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions:

- Find some time for yourself to use the energy of this part of the year wisely and spend some time discovering your inner riches by connecting to the source of creative energy within.

- In your business, notice your focus; if you focus on the amount of work it will take to expand your business, you will just get more work. Instead, if you focus on the desired result of the business increase, that will be what grows.

- Even in small amounts, gratitude can change the emotional energy of a situation and forms a powerful foundation for creation. Notice where you need more gratitude for your business.

- Expand your awareness internally by noticing what is growing in meaning for you during these darker days.

- Fire says, “Get in motion.” Energize your body and business with the most supportive type of movement.

- Notice where you’re applying the energy of expansion in your life and focus the energy effectively.

- This window creates a great opportunity to discover ways to expand your business visibility.

- Ask yourself how you need to turn up the light of your business.' - Lisa Michaels, Creator of Natural Rhythms™. Join myself and Phil Caylor, Holistic Health Pracitioner, in one of our upcoming workshops to discover what will re-energize you and move you out of exhaustion patterns so you can move into the New Year enlivened! Get details here: https://www.angela-roberts.com/events or click the image below

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