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Are you allowing Renewal? Envision Your 2019 Live Virtual Event ...

We are moving into the end of the year and I wanted to invite you to a fun virtual event this Sunday 1-3 pm PST, see details below. The Uplift-Spirit Whispers message below will lead you into the renewal that's needed as we start a new year! Renewal, refresh, revitalize, reset, regeneration, rejuvenation, and rebirth, are all sacred fresh starts. You receive the gift of renewal every day, week, month, season, and year. The question is, how do you use them?

One of the tremendous blessings of my years spent in my dance training and career was deeply understanding the gift of practice. Each time a step was performed there was the opportunity for renewal, starting fresh, giving it another go, seeing how it could be expressed in a new or improved way. Practice brings less and less attachment to the outcome of any one attempt, so we don't experience quite as much frustration with ourselves as we seek to shift our experiences.

Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance class is an amazing way to learn how to use your creative power and practice the skills necessary to bring things into form. Without this kind of conscious practice it’s easy to get frustrated or disappointed because you don’t get the results you want the first few times you try something. Then it’s easy to begin carrying those feelings with you each time you “go for it” again. Since whatever is focused on expands, you can end up carrying the heavy weight of frustration and disappointment with every new attempt.

The best results come when you open each time to the clear flow of the Divine within and allow nonjudgmental fresh energy to move through you. As we move into a New Year, it's a perfect time to shift how we are working with renewal so we can shift our experiences in 2019! A great place to start is to discover how you’ve been handling renewal, honestly ask yourself some questions.

Note on a piece of paper all the things in this section that you are ready to release.

  • Have I been dragging the baggage of past manifestation frustrations, shame, disappointment, or guilt with me as I renew and reset my creation desires for a new cycle?

  • What old frustrations do I need to release?

  • What old shame do I need to release?

  • What old disappointment do I need to release?

  • What old guilt do I need to release?

  • Are there any other old feelings or beliefs I need to let go of to allow myself to fully experience a new beginning? What you desire instead? Note what you desire in a journal and start dreaming in detail what your new experiences will be. Begin collecting images and words from magazines that harmonize with the new experiences you desire in 2019.

  • What do I need to focus on in order for the clear flow of the Divine to move through me as I align with my fresh creation desires in this new cycle?

  • What is the highest priority creation I need to focus on bringing into manifest form now?

  • What do I need to renew in my life, have a new experience with?

  • What do I need to renew in my business?

If the weather permits, go for a walk outside, connect to Mother Nature, notice how all other living things renew themselves. What did they release from the last growing cycle (dropped leaves, flowers withered, branches broke off, old skin was shed, etc.)? Let's join together to appreciate and give thanks for the renewal of a new year. Now that you are aware of what you need to release to allow for renewal and the desires of your heart for the new year, join us this Sunday, December 30th, 1-3 pm PST for Envision Your 2019 Virtual Event. Envision Your 2019 : A Natural Rhythms Creative Journey!

This is a Free Virtual Gathering to Clarify Your Vision for 2019 and Activate Your Creative Personal Power to Bring it into Reality. What are you Envisioning for 2019? More relaxing baths, meditating daily, learning to fence, eating healthier, taking dance lessons, reducing your environmental footprint, walking every day appreciating the beauty of life, being active in community, nurturing yourself more consciously for less stressful days, spending more loving time with your children ... 🏄👯💃🧘🛀🕴️🤺⛷️❤️ 🥝🥑🥦🏝️🗻🗽🗼🏡🌌💸 ⛵ Event description:

I'll guide you through a two hour Natural Rhythms Creative Journey. You will be guided to release what no longer serves you and explore your heart's desires to help you more clearly Envision your 2019. (Bring your list.) You will connect with Divine Support and Activate your Creative Power to begin bringing your Vision into the world and Root it into your Being!

Then we will create dream board collages or you can try a subconscious automated drawing experience to allow image/s or guidance to emerge from the subconscious mind, collective unconscious, and the conscious you to experience the power of inner unity.

We will use the imagination, dance/embodiment, meditation, writing, music, art and Natural Rhythms wisdom to step into 2019 with greater confidence and ease!. 🤲👩‍🎨👨‍🎨🐉🌠🖍✂️📓💭🎨 🕺💃🧘🧘🏽‍♂️🎶 Save your virtual spot here! Limited to only 25 participants.

Can't wait to see what you Envision and Embody to bring into your world in 2019!

Much luv, Angela Angela Roberts, of Flourish with Ease™, Natural Rhythms™ Stress Relief Coach & Sustainable Living Guide

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