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Get in the Flow & Power of the Feminine to succeed the Woman's Way in 2019!


I just realized that I may have never shared my amazing soul sister, fellow dancer, total badass entrepreneur, and colleague, Stasha Washburn, with you because she's making, we're making, cultural change real!!! For you, for me, for all the women. Join us!

Stasha dramatically improved my life by showing me how to eat and live in harmony with my menstrual cycle, which allowed me to enjoy all the weeks of the month so much more! I used to have my period start every two weeks being out of harmony and it was exhausting and true hell. I grew up in the '80's being taught to hide our blood and be ashamed if anyone ever knew you were bleeding or God forbid, bleed through your clothing!! We were brainwashed and told to use any device or action we could to be more LIKE MEN and not be empowered as a woman in our natural cycles. Truthfully, that led to many of my infertility issues, total burnout in my professional career (trying to be like a man), and a terrible lack of self love around being a woman. Learning how to harness the power of my cycle and find my flow with Stasha, the Period Coach, I gained back the Luteal part of my cycle and now my life is so much more spacious and enjoyable! I got rid of my bloating, cramping, exhaustion, and now understand so powerfully how to energize and honor my body in each phase. Every woman and young woman needs to know how to drop the cultural Taboos and Shame around our blood and learn the beauty and power of it all! I wanted to pass on this invitation and please pass it on to any other young lady who needs to be empowered around her cycle!!! Let's change the culture for women, let's have an impact! >>>>>>>>>>>> Learn more here and join me sister... let's make some cultural change! We are starting tomorrow... aligning with our flow, in her program called Food + Flow! I chose this super affordable program with "lifetime access" to community and support because we all lose our way with our well being sometimes (holidays,vacations, etc). So she offers live support rounds throughout the year to help us get re-aligned with yummy food and self-care practices that help us harness our feminine power! Here's the details below or click this link to learn more, much love sisters!! A nugget of amazingness to come... your immune system is tied to your Estrogen levels! Crazy huh? Did you know that?

This program and community is for you if any of these tick a box.

If you have period problems:

  • Mood swings or what some may call PMS (which isn't normal actually, but a sign of imbalance for most people)

  • Brain fog

  • Fatigue/Exhaustion

  • Have a shortened period or irregular periods

  • Cramps

  • All of the above and/or any of the MANY more symptoms that can come with a challenging cycle.

If you want to improve your fertility:

  • Future hopes of getting pregnant

  • Want to improve the health of your eggs

If it's time to heal your relationship with food & learn how to enliven yourself throughout your cycle:

  • No more counting. Calories, points, any of it

  • You're ready to nourish your body, not deprive her!

  • If you're done beating up on your body and pushing so hard.

  • Learn to uplift and nurture yourself in the most supportive ways during each part of your cycle.

  • Find amazing food options and know the impact your food is having on your cycle experience. >>>>>>>>>>>> Learn more here and join me sister... let's make some cultural change!

If you've said yes to ANY of these, then join me as we move into this next round!!

Let's not wait sisters for our lives to be better! It's our time, the Feminine Rising into what works for us, for our comfort, our bodies and our souls, we will not be on the back burner anymore!! Let's harness the power of the feminine!

I myself recently had to take a deep breath and invest in my health.

I know what it feels like and it's worth it. Waiting until it gets worse only means you'll spend more money and it will take longer to heal. (I've been there, took me 2 years to recover from complete burnout.)

Put yourself first. Invest in your body, mind, soul, and SELF!

>>>>>>>>>>>> Learn more here and join me sister... let's make some cultural change!

It's time to Restore & Re-Ignite Your Inner Fire!

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