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Your Fire Power for the Week! The Archer and Ram unite on a Purposeful Quest...

Aries/Sagittarius Work Together Today! Are you feeling FIRED UP????? If not, align with the Natural Rhythms of the Universe as we move into this new week enjoy a double dose of Fire here to support us with Aries Sun and Sagittarius Moon! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I love this FIRE combo, maybe I'm a little biased with my Venus in Sagittarius and my husbands Mars in Aries!! This is the combo that fuels our relationship, our adventure, and the connection between us. How will you allow it to support you this week?

Use the powerful Fire energy and move forward to Explore the Path of Your Noble Cause & Purpose. The Moon in Sagittarius heightens curiosity and illuminates the truth, see what needs to be let go of in this Release Phase of the Moon Cycle as you begin your exploration to fulfill your purpose.

Conversations speed up, and the big picture comes into view. The mutable nature of the Archer 🏹🏹🏹🏹 inspires changes in perception that allow you to see a new way! You may feel more willing to cross genres and disciplines to "connect the dots" with leaps of logic.It's a good time to weave in different elements to expand the scope of your creative projects. The theme is covering a lot of ground, either physically or intellectually. It inspires us to scan the horizon for things that light us up, and can be goals to move toward.

Some power activities now are: philosophizing with friends; making travel plans or traveling; socializing; making new friends; creative improvisation; inspiring yourself and others; watching comedies; riding horses; walking dogs; trying new exotic cuisine; working out vigorously; making love gymnastically; do some strength and endurance training. Do it all sister! I'll be following up with some incredible women I met at Women Rocking Business to explore how we can support each other in manifesting our dreams!

With the Sun in Aries you may feel enthusiastic and spontaneous or motivated by the desire to commit your 'Big Yes' to a noble cause or purpose. You might feel fiery and energized to conquer like a warrior and protect what you love! You might feel more impulsive, and have the urge to initiate. Aries is a sign that bounces back quickly–there is little shame with Aries. It is brave and pioneering, and somewhat innocent. You may feel direct and rather uncomplicated in your needs, you might be short-sighted and lack the desire to plan ahead.

Yes, FIRESTARTER, I'm calling you out! If you are a Movement Instructor, Change Maker or Workshop Leader inspired to Manifest Cultural Change on the Planet...👨‍🎤🧜‍♀️💃🏾🧘‍♀️

Join me to ....Explore Pathways to Catalyze Personal Transformation & Cultural Change through Dance, Nature's Wisdom, & Transformational Experiences with Amazing Guest Teachers in my upcoming

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Have a great week sister!!

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