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Uplift ~ Spirit Whispers™: Reconnect to the Sacred Earth! Do you hear the call of the Spirit your Te

This Monday is Earth Day 🌎 and a perfect day to begin reconnecting and being grateful for the glorious expression of Spirit manifest in the physical! Do you hear the Spirit Calling out to you through your Temple Body? Do you feel it, hear it, or see it through... - The chaos of the world prompting your fears, compassion, or fiery inner warrior? - The Earth needing our heart felt stewardship and sacred connection fostered in our culture? - Your Inner discord or challenging personal or community health issues? - The dark night of the soul and times of deep loss, despair, and change? - Your passion for movement, sacred dance, other healing medicine, and desire for uplifting and loving leadership? - The vision upon your heart to expand your studio or step into the next level of your personal creative power, or a desire to make a meaningful difference? However, it’s reaching you, the divine is calling us back to clarity about who we really are! Taking us on a path that will remind us that we are co-creators of the reality we live in and to reclaim that power and the true essence expression we each gift the world with. If you are ready to Answer your Temple Body Calling on another level and explore how you can more fully step into your co-creative dance and allow more abundance into your life as you help others, join us for a Free Virtual Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance Masterclass (it's recorded for viewing at anytime)! 💃 This Wednesday, April 24th from 2 pm - 3:30 pm PDT "3 Steps to Fully Activate Your Divine Creative Power & Prosper Answering the Temple Body Calling!" Sign up to get the details here: https://www.angela-roberts.com/masterclass

The Earth teaches us all about living in the temple, the wisdom of elders and clan leaders, stewardship, abundance, prosperity, our value, the building of culture and business, pleasure in the physical world, beauty, order, step-by step plans and so much more! “As you may know the Sacred Timing is important and the sun in Taurus ♉️🌎 and moon in Capricorn 🌎♑️ will greet and guide us on our journey, the perfect combination to activate the power of being divinely sourced in the temple body to bring spirit into physical form.” To help ourselves and others embody new ways of being that manifest the personal and cultural change we desire to see in the world! In this FREE virtual class you will… Dance of course 😍 • 🙏 Experience the Divine support of a co-creative dance in harmony with the Natural Rhythms & Wisdom of Creation. • 💃 🌊 Journey in the temple body to reconnect your desire, pleasure, abundance, and life force energy to divine source to fuel your co-creation of a better world and life. • 💨 Gain clarity and confidence in your valued essence and leadership role as you answer the temple body calling! • 🔥 Discover how you can take your leadership to the next level and create positive cultural change sharing your medicine, gifts, and wisdom. • 🌎 Learn new pathways & critical keys to prosper mastering your sacred dance and helping others do the same! 🎁💵💜Join us live and receive a special Sacred Prosperity Bonus Gift to help you Naturally Create Your Financial Flow the Divine Feminine Way!

Join us here: https://www.angela-roberts.com/masterclass As I tuned into the heart with Spirit yesterday morning, as I prepare for this Wednesday Masterclass, two messages came through. First, from the 'Sufi Book of Life, 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Dervish' came...

💜 Create Sacred Space Within: "Let holy space be created for the name and vibration of Unity." Excerpt: The traditional translation of this quality [of Sacred Space within] is 'the holy'. The roots of the word show us focus and emptiness. Jesus used the Aramaic form of this word in the second line of his prayer when he said 'nitkaddash shmakh': "Let holy space be created for the name and vibration of Unity." When we become spacious enough, we find room to remember what is truly important in our lives. Second, the Wolf came forth to share the journey answering the call and empowering the teacher within to come forth and aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life. Come journey with wolf into the depths of the moon to meet with the Tribes greatest teacher. Join us here: https://www.angela-roberts.com/masterclass Much luv, Angela Angela Roberts, Sacred Activist, Natural Rhythms™ Life Creation Coach & Conscious Dance Facilitator & Trainer, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur. Founder of Wisdom thru the Wild & Beyond™ Programs & Products Leader in the Natural Rhythms™ Feminine Leadership Revolution​ Flourish with Ease™ Stress Relief & Sustainable Living Guide

I'm passionate about Helping Change Makers, Dancers/Artists, Coaches, and Workshop Leaders Catalyze the Personal Transformation and Cultural Change needed in the World! I utilize over 20 years experience in dance, 15 years in workshop and event production, a vast background of related study, and 18 years helping heart-centered entrepreneurs bring their business visions successfully into the world to support you with your vision!

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