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Are you a feminine coach, healer, mentor, dancer, artist or other entrepreneur who wants to inspire others to embrace Sustainable + Soulful Living? We know you. You are the ones most ready for change. You are the ones that know there is another way or an old world way, you feel it in your soul! You feel the calling in your heart deeply to help bring consciousness and responsibility to the way we manage resources. You are the ones willing to think, move and feel beyond the limitations of current cultural ideals that are leading humanity into burnout and plundering of the earth. You are the ones willing to ask for help and guidance, tuning back into powerful indigenous wisdom to live in harmony with all that is. You are the ones who know that guidance can come from your connection to creation itself and from your own innate genius and wisdom as part of that creation. You are the ones who know we have to do this together, beyond competing and step into our Sacred Warrior leadership qualities. To do that … it’s helpful to discover what’s powerful and unique about your personal style of leadership so you shine an inspiring light out into the world as a Feminine Leader! Whether you are using this leadership to save the planet, manifest a personal life you love, guide children or students, or inspire a tribe or community, you’ve got diverse aspects of your character that can help or hinder your success! As a Natural Rhythms™ Coach & Unforgettable Workshop Facilitator, I call these aspects of your character your 'Inner Creation Team' and each team member plays a unique role in helping you bring your gifts to an ailing world!

Meet other Feminine Leaders Rising as entrepreneurs to transform the way we live on the planet with one another. Expand your sacred web of connection to find other women to extend your reach to serve those you are called to. Find women to be your referral, joint venture, or affiliate partners so we can prosper together with more ease and grace! Join us tomorrow, Tuesday @ 12pm Noon Pacific time get the details by joining us here: https://www.angela-roberts.com/networkingsustainablesoulful In these networking gatherings you'll share your mission, product or service launch of the year, and discover if other Collective members might be a good fit with your business to work together as Joint Venture Partners/Affiliate Promotion Partners/Referral Partners/Other Win-Win relationships that will help each other thrive making a difference in the world! Come meet other like hearted leaders and find partners to collaborate with in 2020 to bring your vision into reality! Hosted by Angela Roberts of Unforgettable Workshop Facilitation, support and facilitation resources for Women Rising into Leadership to Uplift and Ailing World. All group resources shared are rooted in indigenous wisdom that catalyzes personal transformation and cultural change. YOU are the ones bringing the new story to life. Join us in cultivating unity in a divided world, supporting the creation of thriving, resilient communities and living a new world of just, equitable, happy, and healthy people and ecosystems. I look forward to learning more about you and exploring further how you can harness your unique leadership characteristics to communicate, understand, and lead in a way that creates the impact you envision! Share with us your vision for a better world!

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