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How can Earth's Rhythmic Cycle help us find Ease?

(Click to open the full post to get more resources that go with the video.) Earth's Natural Rhythmic Cycle is our guide to living with ease through the cycles of life change. How comfortable are you with change?

Memories from elementary school may come flooding back as we look at the Wheel of the Year! It seems that we know it, doesn't it? But yet have we really learned to be in total harmony with each stage in the cycle and understand that no stage can not be left out for consistent harvests to be created in our lives and for there to be an ease present. How in alignment are you with this Natural Rhythm Cycle? The cycle teaches the journey of death and rebirth over the year. It reminds us of our need for balance and that there is "a time" for everything and a "value" to each stage.

Check out the Earth's Rhythmic Cycle Guide (pdf) here with the Integration exercise and other details I mention in the video.

Jump into the exercise and see what you discover.

Post here:

1. What stage of the cycle do you thrive in and which one's do you need more support with?

2. What traditions/rituals do you already do that help you move with ease through a stage in the cycle? To get in greater harmony with the natural cycle you could choose to use a planners and calendars that remind us of the beauty in these cycles and help us realign with them. Calendars for 2019 to start Harmonizing with the Natural Rhythms of life:

Season's and Cycles Moon Calendar

Earth Pathways Diary

This is one of my favorite calendars, We-Moon. It helps us find the beauty and power of harmonizing with the cycles and the wisdom within. Incredible art and poetry.

2019 is Themed: Fanning the Flames

If you feel like you'd like to align deeply with the wisdom of creation and understand the power of living in harmony check out this resource to help you activate your creative power to create more of what you truly desire in life: Life Creation 101 ~ Manifestation Mastery

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