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One Essential Clue that Your Past Trauma may be Causing Your Health Issues!

(Click to open the full post to get more resources that go with the video.) Have you been struggling with taking too many prescription drugs, multiple health issue diagnoses, chronic pain, sickness, extreme fatigue, yo-yo dieting, depression, feeling out of control being emotionally reactive, having suicidal thoughts, challenged with alcohol and drug use, experiencing repetitive drama, or having difficult relationships? 

You’re not alone, there are millions suffering, but you don't have to! 70% of adults in the United States experience trauma and it's impact is substantial but often unrecognized therefore leaving many suffering unnecessarily long-term. 

This unresolved or unhealed trauma is often the underlying cause of our greatest challenges but we've been taught that 'time' heals all wounds so many people try to ignore their pain or 'try to forget' or 'wait it out' and it stays internalized (in the cells) turning into illness, destructive behaviors or choices, repetitive unwanted experiences or distressing reactive patterns.

Today, for Freedom Fridays, we'll learn more about the connection between health challenges and past trauma with my guest expert, Dr. Meg Haworth, P.H.D.

Receive Dr. Haworth's free gift to help you discover if Healing Trauma is the Key to Flourishing with Greater Ease! Get it here: https://meghaworth.com/ If you are a workshop or group leader or instructor don't miss Dr. Haworth's FREE Masterclass so you have some helpful tools to address "When Trauma is Triggered in Training & Workshops!

As workshop leaders, we have the goal of providing a transformation for our participants. So often, our words and exercises trigger a traumatic event or memory in our participants.

In this Masterclass with Dr. Meg Haworth, you will learn:

- Basic preparations to help leaders minimize triggers for participants.

- What to do when your participant gets triggered.

- Energy exercises to help you help them.

- Simple ways to segue into the next topic.

Receive her Free Gift: A Powerful Technique to Support Trauma Release!

Sign up to join us for this master class here: https://www.angela-roberts.com/masterclass

It's part of a larger Free Master class series. Enjoy!

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