Enjoy this additional gift, 25 minute meditation you can use daily to bring you out of fight and flight, restores your strength, and resets your emotional body so that you are aligned with the abundance, support and new experience of greater ease you desire in life!

We surrender deeply into the support and resources available to us on the earth to help us feel safe and nurtured!

If you need further support with repetitive patterns of exhaustion, overwhelm, and other stress triggered protective survival responses contact Dr. Phil Caylor for support 

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 Earth's Support 

Earth's SupportPhil Caylor

 Stress-Less & Re-Energize Guide 

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  •  The #1 secret that keeps you in the relentless loop of stress and exhaustion

  •  3 critical steps necessary to stop the patterns and move into joy and resilience

  •  Simple and effective tools to help you dramatically shift your experience

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Break Free of Stress Exhaustion & Re-Energize!
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Phil Caylor, LAc


 Flourish with Ease™ Stress Relief & Sustainable Living Coach
(16 years experience)

 Foundational Healing™,
Master Holistic Health Practitioner
(47 years experience)

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