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If you've found this page chances are your ready to get some stress relief or just have things be a bit easier as you live a full life. I know what that's like and I'm happy to be of support so you can start enjoying your life more!

When we go through difficult times our stress responses get activated. If we stay in that distress a long time, we even get used to it, and the first step to flourishing with greater ease is to move out of that conditioned response. It can be very challenging to do alone since we have become accustomed to it. That's what I'm here for, to help you discover your unique pathway out of distress, back to a place
where you are fully enlivened and empowered again!


Just as Maya Angelou reminds us, we must find a way to
turn Struggles into Triumphs and it takes time and
the support of others!


Congratulations! It seems that you're ready to take the first step to break free of the distress and have a new experience.

In this session, we'll explore your current challenges and
discover what will support you to Flourish (thrive) with greater Ease.


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 If we seem to be a good fit I'll send you an appointment link. I am happy to refer you to someone who can meet your needs if we don't seem to be a good fit. 

'Time to Flourish' 1on1 Sessions

During these sessions you receive coaching support

to address the topic you choose to focus on.

You'll connect with your Inner Wisdom,

Creations Divine Guidance, &

Receive resources to assist 

you to Flourish with Greater Ease!

​  (Normally $197/session) 

'Time to Flourish' 1on1 Sessions Pricing
Series of 4 Sessions Discount
(Normally: $788)
Only $97/each in package
(Save: $400)

 Let's discover if we're meant to work together: 
to find your Divine Pathway to Freedom, Restoration, and
the Creative Power to live the Life You Long for!


~ sending love & joy to you, Angela