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Time to Flourish

on 1 Session

  (50 minutes)  


 In the life journey sometimes we end up in very distressing places and it can feel like we are lost out in the Wilderness just surviving-
Unable to Overcome the aftermath of our Darkest Nights. Feeling unable to Create and Experience the life we long for! 

First, we have to find our way out of distress and to a place
where we are fully empowered so we can Flourish! 


Just as Maya Angelou reminds us, we must find a way to
turn Struggles into Triumphs and it takes time and
the support of others!


I'm so excited you're ready to take the first step to break free of the distressing experiences that no longer serve you!

In this session, we'll explore your current challenges and
discover what will support you to Flourish (thrive) with greater Ease.


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You'll fill out a discovery questionnaire so I can prepare to support you in advance with your needs.

Then you'll set up a time with me in my calendar.

'Time to Flourish' 1on1 Sessions

During these sessions you receive coaching support & resources to address the topic you choose to focus on.

You'll connect with your Inner Wisdom,

Creations Divine Guidance, &

Receive resources to assist 

you to Flourish with Greater Ease!

​  (Normally $197/session) 

 Let's see how we work together to find

your Divine Pathway to Freedom, Restoration, and
the Creative Power to live the Life You Long for!


~ sending love & joy to you, Angela