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Unforgettable Workshops 

Provide Profitable + Transformational Workshops Incorporating the Power of Conscious Dance/Embodiment & Nature's Wisdom to Prosper!

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with your guide Angela Roberts,  
Natural Rhythms™ Life Creation Coach & Conscious Dance Trainer, & Workshop Facilitator, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur. 



Enhance your workshop facilitation skills and get your participants moving in a dynamic way, tapping into the wisdom of the body, power of dance and nature's wisdom to catalyze personal transformation and embodying new ways of being for cultural change!



Are you here because you feel inspired and called to help others ...

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Re-Connect with
Divine Universe

 Guide Others to Consciously Co-Create with Divinity


Sustainable, Soulful & Heart-Centered Living

Help Foster Cultural Values  for the Highest Good


Re-Claim the Temple:
Embody Natural Rhythms

Restore Individual Sovereignty & Balance

Conscious Dance Certification & Workshop Facilitation Training provides you with the tools, resources, and teaching content to help others in these powerful ways!

What Medicine are You Ready to Share?

Natural Rhythms© Conscious Dance & Transformational Leader resources tap into the wisdom of the life creation process and engages every aspect of our being~
the body, emotions, mind, energy and our unique spirit essence expression.

Sacred dance has been used for thousands of years to create cultural change through the energetic embodiment of values, ideals, beliefs, and patterned behaviors.

The medicine you bring to the world lives in the natural cycles of life and the wisdom of nature can help you guide others to navigate life with more ease and co-create their experiences more consciously! 


I'm Angela Roberts, the Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance Facilitator Trainer and I'm so excited to learn more about your vision to support others in the world! 

Women Rocking Business Embodiment Exercise ~ Angela Roberts

​Learn to Assist Your Workshop Participants to Activate their Personal Power through Conscious Movement and Get Great Results from Working with You… so You can Move Your Business Bottom-line Forward!

No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome to participate
in their unique way while you uphold a safe and 

respectful space for everyone.  

Your participants may be in a wheel chair, unable to move various aspects of the body, recovering from a life challenge or just needing sacred, non-judgmental space to be free to 'be' and express their truth in! 


Through this movement practice we learn to...

  • be free with and present in our bodies

  •  let go of our attachments to the active mind

  • explore and connect with the ancient cellular wisdom
    held in our bodies to support us to...

  • move with greater ease through the difficulties of life

  •  release what no  longer serves us and find the renewal we need

  • connect with what truly fulfills us and fuels our passions

  • discover what we really desire to express in our precious lives

  • birth a new vision or dream and gain clarity of direction

  •  be grounded, find resources, and build the foundation
    for our dreams fulfillment

  • dissolve stress related tension and anxieties

  •  focus and direct our energy in alignment with that fulfillment

  • enjoy and celebrate the body and all it blesses our lives with

  • and so much more!!!


Do you know how to harness the power of embodiment?
(Engaging all aspects of the participants being: mind, emotions, body, action, and spirit.)

Utilizing Conscious Dance Embodiment & Transformational Workshop Resources You will Bring Forth Your Unforgettable Leadership Expression & 
Learn How to Create Powerful Experiences that 
Enhance Your Clients Results & Increase Enrollment

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Join Lisa in this Webinar to Learn...

Get Started today with a Complimentary 1 on 1 

'Workshop Vision Clarity'Session 

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  • Clarify your next steps to bring forth your confident, unforgettable leadership expression to stand out and be recognized by your ideal clients more easily!

  • Learn how you can more easily provide powerful experiences and supportive program content to increase enrollment, catalyze transformation, accelerate learning, deepen community connection, and keep clients coming back for more!

  • Discover if Conscious Dance & Transformational Workshop Facilitation Resources can support you to bring your vision into reality with more ease, grace, and playfulness!

Your session will be with Angela Roberts,  Unforgettable Workshop Mentor, Conscious Dance Trainer & Workshop Facilitator, Business Growth Consultant and Spiritual Entrepreneur.  Angela is passionate about Helping Workshop & Women's Circle Leaders, Coaches, Yoga Studio Owners or Practitioners, Healers & Movement Instructors Prosper as they Catalyze the Personal Transformation and Cultural Change needed in the World!    

Angela supports you with great training and business growth resources utilizing over 30 years experience and extensive education in dance, ancient traditions, and world cultures;15 years in workshop and event production; and 18 years helping heart-centered entrepreneurs (coaches/healers/holistic practitioners) prosper bringing their business visions successfully into the world!

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Diving Deep

Whale's Calling

Nurturing Love